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Politics has me rethinking ‘Integrity’

gabrielleWeaving Creation… a still evolving triptych…

 My recent trip to the East Coast of the US was mentally exhausting due in part to the media constantly nattering about what seems utterly un-newsworthy. The worst of it was the presidential election over a year away. Weary of the overexposure to this unreal realm, I bought a new book and turned off the television for the duration.

Upon reflection, what I found stunning was how the ‘players’, a few gargantuan egos — 1%’ers to the core– constantly changed their tone or position on an issue while lecturing the 99%.  Personally, I found the grandstanding boring; the arrogance deafening; and the ignorance numbing. Worse was how many didn’t hesitate to spin their history, carefully weaving words to justify, explain, rationalise or worse, spiritualise their stance. What I fail to understand is why the public ‘buys’ the lies….

Amending or editing their stories to pacify, numb or please their current audience forced to me to rethink ‘integrity’. While this is very much an evolving process, my current perspective is that inegrity is…

  • Living a full expression of our multiple intelligences…
  • Moral strength that emerges from solid, noble core values that are grown in the heart…
  • Resonating compassion and understanding….
  • Based in expressed appreciation, integrity honours, lifts and illumines diversity…
  • Ethos incarnate, truthfulness links logic and intuition…
  • It is evidence of the sacred marriage of Eternal and temporal experienced in body and spirit…
  • Humble, yet is realised in the powerful presence of spirit…
  • And it is revealed when we permit our true character to be known…
  • Living the unassuming nature of our natural authenticity…
  • Where humility is genuine, well-grounded in the knowledge of wholeness… and
  • Radiating brilliance that reveals our soul to be an undivided whole.

Easy? No.

However, from my chair living in integrity is the best and only true choice.

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