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Part I of 3: “Don’t sweat the small stuff!”

qm webQuantum Dreamer

First, understand that what I’m presenting here is small stuff, that which everyone tells us we’re not supposed to sweat over, before they turn around and mentally whack us upside the head with the notion that “It’s all small stuff!”

This morning my friend Urs posted a link on his Facebook wall that immediately grabbed my attention. It was an article presenting a theory on quantum mechanics, the headline reading more like a fact, “At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it.”

To my ear the words more than suggested that reality –which for me is a concept, a ‘knot of nothing’ more than a thing, is like the question about a tree falling in the forest, begging the existential question that if no one is present to hear it fall, does the falling actually happen.

The headline seemed to suggest that the QM quest is the answer when for me it’s a question that requires a constant answering.

First, ask yourself: what kind of a reality do you exist in when you’re not looking at what ‘is’, or paying attention to whatever you decide it? ?I>

Now try this idea on, testing it against your experiences: How do you experience your reality when you’re awake and paying attention?

Suffice it to say that Part II, pondering on the Spirit of Beingness and the science of Quantum Mechanics is steeping in my head as the full moon sets in Europe! Sweet dreams as gratitude deepens with the night…

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