Gambling with the Future

lochars solstice morning 20152015 Winter Solstice Sunrise over St. Andrews, Scotland

There’s a series of commercials running on UK television for the national lottery that are supposed to be funny, but from my perspective, topple over into tragic. Each features a caste member from the ‘rich and shameless’ who pretends to parody basking in the limelight, arrogantly acting out their narcissistic plan if they win. After they’re done, a droll voice over begs viewers to please go buy a lottery ticket so this idiot doesn’t win. The audience then gets one more hammer blow to the brain, the message —“You have to play to win.”, which is of course accompanied by the small print at the bottom of the screen that reminds viewers with words to the effect “Know your limits. Play within it.”

Unfortunately, those who are seduced by the lotto’s lure of big money for a pound usually don’t have enough money to begin with. Too often I’ve heard teachers tell stories about kids not having lunch or milk money because of their parent’s ‘spending’ habits. How many kid’s college funds have been lost due to such an addiction?

The dogman of too many supposedly ‘spiritual’ belief systems confuse the concept of ‘abundance’ with the sick notion that more money will make them better or bigger than they are now. For many such a belief has turned into an excuse for greed. What I find particularly heart breaking is witnessing this plague affect those who are best known for consistently giving their all.

Too many are wasting our time and the planet’s resources, turning life on this planet into a crap shoot. Albert Einstein once said he didn’t think g-d played dice; while unsure, I’m unwilling to gamble away the gift of a single breath, a penny, or the Future.

A lifetime is a precious gift. We are not slaves. It is our bond with all creation that allows us to equally savour and spend every breath.

What are you investing your life and time into today?


The Joy Juice

5For me, the ultimate gift of life has nothing to do with $ecurity, nor is it in any way related to having or needing anything more, something bigger or better. After awaking to realise that I have been gifted yet another day, the treasure I give myself is the freedom to walk in the world, receiving and returning love freely from the inner space of authenticitity.

May you join me this day in experiencing and articulating inside and out:

In love’s embrace, I am loved.

I am well, and truly blessed.

Within this overflow, I am the BeLoved,
joyously free to embrace and love another.

Love from Scotland

I feel so blessed this day to be celebrating with mentors in Scotland, two remarkable souls who are the most beautiful of ‘swans’; Dr. John Ceres Amson and Dr. Christine Crow, you are my heroes… Here in your  life affirming home, I feel safe and at home, every moment a holiday! 4

Tomorrow pictures of the at the Manse and the Magic of Anstruther!