Tuesday? It must be Milan

sonic silkO-Dark30 came early, 04:30 to be precise, another travel day as I make my way to San Francisco for a couple of days and then up to the splendor of Lake Tahoe. While Purpose driven, this time has been intentionally carved out for some self-care and to spend time with friends and family.

Today I’m grateful for so many things; first, the freedom to be in the world, a global citizen knowing and experiencing what it is to belong regardless of the country or culture I’m walking through. I’m also thankful for the ‘edit’ and ‘delete’ buttons on FB. Why? Because yesterday my brain overruled my heart and allowed me to be sucked into a discussion that was anything but a dialogue. It happened when someone referenced my 29-years of work to that of someone whose values are significantly different from mine, who caused deep suffering for friends. In a split second, a false need took over and I waded into what I knew was ‘fire’, all because my head said it would support a friend.

Yes, supporting our friends is indeed noble, so for those who are wondering why my action ‘false’, in this instance it’s because a court of law already examined the evidence and issued a verdict that supported him. Years ago, this man stole his intellectual property, years of hard work, and he dared to cry ‘Foul’. A long and expensive, ten-year battle was fought, and after he won, the guilty party fled the country to avoid paying e penalty ordered by the Judge. What’s sad —from my perspective– is bound up in the paradox, is how so much lost in the winning.

Life is too long and too short for egonomic nonsense. Today I choose to love, and love those whose visions and values are in full alignment with mine, while recognizing that we are one and all members of the same Human Family.

Today tell someone you love how much joy it brings out from your being to know that you ‘belong’

2 thoughts on “Tuesday? It must be Milan

  1. Dear Lynnclaire, and from my perspective, it is Friday so it must be Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I am so sorry that I missed our opportunity to chat at the beginning of the New Year – however, once I return home – I look forward to connecting. Just wanted to make sure you didn’t think I was hiding, I’ve just been “chillaxing”. Much love, Harlon


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