FOMO (fear of missing out) or BeLonging


As beautiful as a rainbow is, being in the US at this time –challenging to say the least– reminds me why these glorious ribbons that lace the sky when we willingly face a storm are a metaphor for hope. For me, hope is a condition that while beautiful remains elusive, always far in the distance. Truthfully, were it not for the joy of spending time with open-hearted friends and colleagues and kids, these weeks would be a waking emotional nightmare.

While the presidential election in the US blares at us from television and radio, and screams from newspaper headlines the world over, why is it so many are choosing to ignore the source of the crisis that underlies this horrific behavior? The tone, words and behaviour that we’re being subjected to by supposed adults are learned  It is time to realise that the saying about kids, “Monkey see. Monkey do.”  is true. What they learn at home is all too quickly –and too often viciously– acted out on the playground and in the classrooms turning schools lethally toxic.

It is time for conscious adults to wake up their conscience and give the Children a true opportunity to be who they are and discover their true strength. This is true of parents and all of us, who whether we teach or not are ‘educators’.

BeLonging is a solutions that makes school a safe place; it lets teachers do what they are meant to do; to guide their students and call forth their authentic nature by letting them experience what it truly means to lead, doing so while they learn.

Please share BeLonging with those you know and Love. Let them KNOW they BELONG. Your donation is a gift to help build the kids a solid foundation.

Thank you for helping us make BeLonging an experience and a reality that is known by the Children, all of us.

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