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The Mereon Matrix

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It’s Time.

189a copy 2It’s Time is a white paper, a personal perspective on the import of the work known as the Mereon Matrix. Our knowledge of this matrix has evolved over thirty-years, and it is sheer grace that our understanding continues to unfold.

Why is this paper important? Because it brings high level science down to a level where you can understand it. My plan is to post it here as a series for the next few months. My hope is that you will make this a responsive reading.

In 2012 my colleague Louis Kauffman wrote, “For whatever Mereon really is, she is our link with the creative process at the heart of the universe.’ and extended it by saying, ‘What this means is that if the geometric universe is a dodecahedral space, then the universe is constructed from the Trefoil knot by the unfolding of a five-fold symmetry. In that case, the Mereon Trefoil would be a cosmic loop around the whole universe and we could say that knot theory is universally applicable.”

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2 comments on “It’s Time.

  1. I sense such truth and beauty here. And yet I cannot seem to understand. Maybe mystery is not so important in its understanding? But to live it? I will continue to reach for awe and grace, understanding as best I can.


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      First, thank you from the bottom of my heart and every synapse of my brain for opening the dialogue. Stay with me, trusting yourself as you follow that which is resonating as ’true and beautiful’ within you… It’s Time is about opening and stepping carefully into understanding. I would be so grateful if you can invite others to join us in this space where we are free to open our minds and hearts, discovering the Unity that is the source of our diversity. AND I promise to make it clear how we can LIVE it.
      With deep gratitude,


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