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The Mereon Matrix

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in my mothers garden done
My work in the scientific domains of mathematics, physics, astrobiology, and social science had a surprising genesis; a Near Death Experience in 1987. In 1996, Dr. Kenneth Ring, then professor of psychology at University of Connecticut and leading investigator into this phenomenon, wrote, “This Pattern may change your life. It may change the world.”

Investigators today express that my experience is unique in the annals of NDEs. I didn’t come back with dogmatic assertions, messages from God, or ‘new news’ about heaven or hell. Somehow, I was able to remember and accurately draw the complex dynamic structure — the Music– that I heard while clinically dead.

It wasn’t everyday sounds that this system of embedded geospheres was ‘singing’. It was a universal ‘Song’ that moved  to weave a strand of light that I could only call ‘The Pattern”.

This experience shattered ‘laws’ that I’d been taught were ‘true’; rules my parents, teachers and preachers all agreed were ‘The Truth’. However, as connections were found and inner and interconnections were made, this Pattern of light began to sever the heavy ropes others had long used to bind me: the noose religion had placed around my heart was lifted even as the shackles of assumption that gagged my intellect were released. So too, the manacles that had kept my spirit hostage since childhood fell away.

Determination led to my decision to defy the doctors and reclaim my health and well-being,  ‘self-forming’ my world and reforming my life. Reclaiming authenticity  meant breaking every rule I’d sworn allegiance to, realising that they kept me enslaved to meeting or needing to exceed others expectations.

Freed from three decades of religious indoctrination, I cautiously but respectfully avoided all things ‘New Age’. A 4-year journey of remembering led me to step into deep silence, spending two years in a monastic retreat, where I began my investigation into philosophy, and considering forms and symbols.

In 1994, I left one isolated world for another, heading towards the lofty towers of science and academia in the quest to link what was meaningful with scientific logic. Grace was deep when I found myself welcomed by curious, open-minded investigators in the fields of mathematics, geometry, physics, and philosophy. My promise to myself and them was to quit the moment they disproved any detail of the system, finding my ‘reporting’ to be incorrect.

Today, 29-years later, every detail retrieved has proven precise,  accurate in the way that you might consider a 33-jeweled watch. The Pattern, now known as the Mereon Matrix, is certainly Knowledge we need to grow a sustainable life. It is a cosmic blueprint that reveals the fundamental links between human conscience and universal consciousness: it demonstrates why and how diversity is absolutely essential to unity; and shows how multiplicity is the only product of accord.

This complex scientific knowledge was published by the world renowned academic / scientific publisher Elsevier in 2013: “The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox”. This 600-page book took a quarter of a million words, 1500 illustrations, and 30 animations to describe what she calls ‘the snowflake on the tip of the proverbial iceberg.”  Today there is observable evidence you can watch, seeing how a particular frequency derived from the mathematics of the Matrix generates the precise Pattern that she described, showing the matrix in both its simplicity and its complexity.

The Mereon Matrix is a game changer; not just for scientists and positive change agents in social sciences, but for science itself. Mathematically verified, this knowledge requires a serious examination of what we think we know about death and dying. Most importantly, it begs that we rethink our assumptions about life’s purpose, the human brain, our relationships, how we live, and how we determine the quality of our lives.

Visit to learn more.

Unless otherwise noted, the thoughts, and artistic expressions, photography, art, and illustrations, on this website belong to Lynnclaire Dennis.

2 comments on “Perspectives

  1. orest yuri tarnawsky says:

    Re-reading, and still I marvel at the living form, and your life awakening.
    The need to fully understand diminishes, knowing that the mystery is unfolding
    becomes enough. In love and light and sounding. Orest


    1. Lynnclaire says:

      Orest! Good morning to you and Julia. It is amazing isn’t it, and what is so incredible is that the unfolding continues with synchronicity astonishing and delighting on a daily basis. In the joyous Music that births the Light we experience as love through understanding, Lynnclaire


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