Where? The BeLonging Projects!

??????????“The illiterate of the 21st centurywill not be those who cannot read & write, but those who cannot unlearn and relearn.”

Alvin Toffler

Two days into the transition from Israel to California, the first miracle is that I have virtually no jetlag and made the 10-hour time change instantly! However, after five-weeks in Tel Aviv, there is a very strange unwinding in my body but its unimaginably more challenging to accept what’s happening in my emotional and recognitive realities. What I’m realising is the almost unimaginable toll that comes with living in a nation state that’s constantly under threat from those outside its borders, and worse is living with the tension of being a divided land.

Listening to politicians and people on the street toss verbal sticks and stones is bruising my heart as heavy clouds attempt to darken my heart. Only knowing what I know, working with others who are open-hearted, open-minded, and serve with loving hands, and meeting others who get what the last 28-years of my life –and the rest of my life– are all about, is what keeps my head high enough to see the rainbow.

It’s time to understand that children who don’t really understand ‘the game’ of “I’m right, You’re wrong”, or “Us vs Them”. No parent or teacher can make sense or explain to a child what the politicians are up to.

Keeping my promise to return in two weeks is not an option, and I am begging for those who realise how privileged they are to live in a world without the daily threat of real war to help. It’s time for those who can to step up and become those who will , coming together to make a positive difference, living lives that display courage and a true reverence for life. We will soon announce the Director of the BeLonging Projects in Israel, and if you want to honour diversity and help teachers, kids and parents celebrate Unity, please donate to this amazing project. Raising a generation of adults who respect themselves and others is the key to the equality that is essential to genuine freedom. This project is an experience whereby kids discover that the assumption of unity without diversity is fabricated, and utterly fails. It’s about children learning to uphold noble principles and values that include the right to health and well-being, transparency, compassion, fairness and integrity.

Imagine the future with this and the next generation embodying these traits…

Imagine ‘Thought leaders’ understanding that living requires the constant renewal of the foundation that is essential to re-establish connections and keep communication clear…

The Mereon Matrix is showing us how to rebuild our lives and our relationships in order to harmonise our actions with the harmony implicit in Nature herself. The BeLonging Projects give children the experience of self-discovery and learning new ways to live with one another and on the planet. This programme helps empower the Future by lifting teachers, kids and parents to a new perspective, this, the only place from which they can clearly see the way forward, and then walk together to open Age of Transformation.

Thank you so much for passing these thoughts on and doing whatever you can do to help.


At the Heart of The BeLonging Project is true knowledge,
wisdom that makes it far more than a programme for teachers and kids…
it’s about learning to live wholly and fully and co-creating loving relationships;
it’s about building sustainable businesses and more!

Please take a few moments to visit http://mereon.org

And coming soon: MEREON SOLUTIONS!

Paradox: The Cosmos has a sense of Humour but the Universe isn’t Laughing

IMGP9782Most are familiar with the quote “No man ever steps in the same river twice”, but few know it was uttered by Heraclitus, a Greek sage who occupied the planet long before Socrates. He stands tall in the legion of cosmic muses who inspire me, a man who was a self-taught pioneer seeking true wisdom.

I know well the traits necessary to become and be a pioneer; think ‘chutzpah, tenacity and more than a teaspoon of audacity. To venture into domains that nothing save death and dying prepared me for, think ‘’science’, has been the most amazing adventure. Continue reading Paradox: The Cosmos has a sense of Humour but the Universe isn’t Laughing

Linking Reason and Purpose

2 january 2015

2015: The Year of Transformation and the Fractal Majority

Entering 2015 in horizontal mode, knocked down by a wicked flu bug that’s kept me off-line for over a week in every imaginable way, provided time between sneezes to reconsider how living is all about safely navigating our interconnected existential realities. Specifically, these linked domains are internal and external; 1) our ‘invironment’ being the universe under our skin, the space that embraces our purpose, vision, values, emotions, attitudes, instincts and spirit; and 2) our environment, the temporal spatial nexus in which the quality of our lives is defined by our relationships. The real kicker for humanity seems to be getting it through our dense, closed and stuffed up heads that these relationships are far more than our intimates, family, friends, friendlies, and acquaintances. The connections that affect us in unimaginable ways are those that are infinite, the powerful fractal majority that is invisible, unknown and nameless. Continue reading Linking Reason and Purpose

22 December 2014

22 dec 2014 blogOnly days before 2014 slips into the abyss… How can it be?

As things speed up what’s important for most is that there are only two more sleeps until Christmas. The thought of the insanity behind it all makes me more than a bit Scroogey and the biggest part of me just wants to nod off into a deep dreaming sleep and wake up when it’s over. The naming of the day, Christos Mass, the Celebration of Light, not one person’s last name remains lost, as usual, under the dog pile of stress, shoppers running the maze in the malls and traffic jams that defy any definition of spiritual or sanity. Am I alone in noticing that there isn’t a ‘Buddhamas’, a day where most of the world stays home and eats and drinks too much tea?

So it is that I remain at home, spending my time doing what I want and love; thinking of family and friends near and far; imagining and plotting for how to make the world a better place in the future; cooking up a love storm for those I love; curling up in a corner of the sofa wrapped in a the yummy pashmina sent by a friend, alas snuggled only with my cat as we watch a DVD to avoid the sappy sentiments that dumb the brain and numb the heart on the boob-tube, aka, television. Winter walking in blue skies sends me into open bliss as I observe the vulnerability of life naked and wide open. This season, time not limited to any calendar, reminds me that transparency, allowing those we trust to see who we are, tightens and secures true bonds as the inner juices slow and the spirit cocoons until like the trees, we bloom again come spring, whenever it may be.