The Knot and Thou Shalt Nots

14 9 2015 diablogueWhile Helen Keller’s quote speaks of sight and touch, there is a piece of our soul who hears. When that aspect of my spirit ‘ingages’ with the Silence, a knowing arises that hints that what ‘may be’, is pure, non-logical to some, but certainly not nonsense.

Find the courage, grand heart, to reside in your heart and to flow with the pulse that issues from the Source of all life. We are all connected in what is surely the ultimate Love Knot. To do so consciously is to experience the rich and true sense of feeling known, and of knowing. Such a gift has a divine presence and transcends all ‘normal’ senses.

The Karmic Laundry

karmic laundryLearning to make and keep promises usually requires passing many karmic lessons. Sometimes the body, heart, brain and spirit are inundated as we dunk ourselves in a hot water scrub followed by a cold rinse in the cosmic laundry. The most painful part is being put through the wringer and then emotionally hung out to dry, abandoned by those we mistakenly believed were an unconditional, loving ‘support system’.

Love is the incomparable free flow of acceptance that deepens understanding by connecting diverse perspectives.

Love Is.

Love is not relative.

Take care in loving today.

Lighten Up!

laughing outloudRealationships…

Where you lighten up, and…

  • Experience being sheltered and protected, no longer feeling any need to hide.. .
  • Understand that you are accountable without someone creating undue anxiety…
  • Know that ‘deserving’ is essential to fully serving…
  • Feel lovingly nurtured without being ‘mothered’… and
  • You are free to care without being ‘Mother’. . .

An Exit Visa from the Land of No and Not

kids doubleAre you ready to exit the land of “No” and “Not”?

Do you long to openly live in the Land of Understanding?

Would you like to live in a ‘Youniverse’ where Love flows and grows?

Can you imagine taking down the doors, removing the windows and tearing down the walls that separate you from the love you long for?

Are you ready to know you belong and live with a naked heart, your brain stripped of the need to criticize and your spirit no longer cloaked in other’s covers ups?

What will it take to be willing to hear another’s perspective without your brain having to translate?

What will your life look like if you began responding from the present and stopped reacting, projecting your old fears based –what was or was not– into the future?

Can you imagine comprehending from your heart without your ego thinking it has to interpret and offer an opinion?

What do you require to live your lifetime it flows with grace?

Can you imagine loving in radical trust rather than dependence being a condition of monopoly?

Can you imagine walking hand-in-hand, no longer struggling in a tug-of-war because someone needs to dictate?

What would change if you could remember and reweave the strands of time, and begin to make decisions that let you live your lifetime?

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