Living: A Natural Progression

26 october 2014 blog natural steps

Last month while on retreat at Sanctuario La Verna in the mountains outside of Florence, Italy, dry days were spent wandering the amazing landscape that surrounds the monastery.The trails, including the climb to the top of Mt. Penna, are well worn by the thousands of pilgrims who walk this way on the Cammino de Francesco. Continue reading Living: A Natural Progression

Reopening closed doors

Visiting with an acquaintance one day last week I asked them if they were willing to share with me where they were emotionally in terms of their sense of Purpose. We were in a place, La Verna, that was drenched in meaning, and it seemed an appropriate query to explore how this space and time was revealing what was profoundly meaningful in their life and the impact it might be having on the state of them realising their dreams.

Willingly they began to speak, the first comment being that no one had ever asked them such a probing question.  Continue reading Reopening closed doors

A Matrix of Mindfulness to Renew the Spirit of Business

spirit of business 1

Host and coordinator of this event, Benjamin ‘Ben’ P. Taylor, Managing Partner at RedQuadrant,  invites you to join us as we co-create an experience that will make it clear how to apply the Mereon Matrix to renew the spirit of business.

Click here to explore the website that Ben and I worked together to develop and make plans to join us!

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Human-kindness: An Inside-Out Experience

Give yourself a moment to stop and think about how we, like gold nuggets and uncut diamonds, are potential that appeared out of the ‘no-thingness’ that permeates our universe. We are made of stardust. All life formed in an endless stream of embers that were emitted from a cosmic sparkler, each incomparable spark what makes matter unique. Out of the apparent chaos a natural resonance arose, and from this harmony the invisible eventually became visible. The paradox is that while we’re absolutely different, the only differences are found in how the luminous energy of creation stirred, divided, multiplied, organised and cycled through time to become us.

Contemplate this for a moment; from diversity came unity and unity’s potential is to manifest diversity. This is Nature’s natural repeating pattern.

heart of the matterThe Heart of the Monch, 2005, Lynnclaire Dennis

Every day something in my life deepens my awareness that living is an opportunity to be treasured and spent. Every breath is an experience to expand into the fullness of knowing what it feels like to belong and growing in my flawless imperfection is an investment in Consciousness. My brain becomes inebriated on awe when contemplating the remarkable fact that our amazing diversity offers the clearest evidence of our interconnection. Wonder is the constant when I consider that even when I walk alone my journey, the Path of Time is shared with you and every other member of our cosmic tribe.

Is there a question burning in your heart? The first step we take towards finding our answer is to realise that no one else has it.  Would you like an experience that leads to the discovery that you’re not alone? While your suffering may certainly be real, are you willing to entertain that it might not be true?

If you want the cure for the disease of terminal uniqueness, join us on Sunday, the 7th of September for The Realationship Dialogues! 

When? Where?

aug 21 blogMeditating by the water a cool breeze blew this leaf towards me. Both were not-so-subtle reminders that autumn is fast approaching. What was more powerful however was how this decaying leaf, separated from its source of life, refocused my breath with the remembrance of how quickly the seasons and cycles of a lifetime pass. This awareness turned like a key to further open my heart and mind. In the progress it cleared the path to the portal of understanding and carried me over the threshold where compassion was unveiled the imperative became audible, make the invisible visible.

The ‘Why’ for the “What”, positive transformation, is painfully clear.

“How” is through Mindfulness, that which generates benefits that are essential and available to all.

The ‘Who” is you and me, every member of the human family.

Where you are is the “Where”.

This moment is the “When”.

The potential of individuals who are committed to cooperative actions –where benefits expand globally– is for many, unimaginable. Positive change begins with attitude adjustments that improve the internal quality of your life. Such transformation expands into your relationships and extend into your local community.

Do you know that you are worthy?

Do you know that you deserve to live the life you’ve been given?

If the Call to serve was issued today would you have the courage to say yes?

Who in the world would you like to play with?

What will you do for yourself today to make a powerful and positive difference in the lives of those you love knowing that it will affect those you’ve yet to meet and those you will not know in this lifetime?