An Exit Visa from the Land of No and Not

kids doubleAre you ready to exit the land of “No” and “Not”?

Do you long to openly live in the Land of Understanding?

Would you like to live in a ‘Youniverse’ where Love flows and grows?

Can you imagine taking down the doors, removing the windows and tearing down the walls that separate you from the love you long for?

Are you ready to know you belong and live with a naked heart, your brain stripped of the need to criticize and your spirit no longer cloaked in other’s covers ups?

What will it take to be willing to hear another’s perspective without your brain having to translate?

What will your life look like if you began responding from the present and stopped reacting, projecting your old fears based –what was or was not– into the future?

Can you imagine comprehending from your heart without your ego thinking it has to interpret and offer an opinion?

What do you require to live your lifetime it flows with grace?

Can you imagine loving in radical trust rather than dependence being a condition of monopoly?

Can you imagine walking hand-in-hand, no longer struggling in a tug-of-war because someone needs to dictate?

What would change if you could remember and reweave the strands of time, and begin to make decisions that let you live your lifetime?

COMING SOON: A Mereon Solution to help you making life-affirming decisions!

A Request for Help

Simone webA wall mural I long ago painted of a tree in Monterey, California

Today I posted a true story on, called “Simone’s Story”. It’s an account of a remarkable event that occurred in December 1997.

While the request we’re making may seem unusual, the strangeness will either expand or dissolve if you take a few minutes to read it. The story is shared in my new book, “A Footprint in Eternity”, but after all these years it seems important to put it out to the the world in the Internet as well.

The Request: If you will take the time to read this story and find a connection on your INNERnet, how grateful I along with the entire Mereon Team shall be if you will take the time to pass it on. When you finish reading it you will understand why I’m asking for your help.

Yes! I’ll read it!

What if…

what if

If a single tone was heard and it instantly made the deepest thought racing through your brain visible, and painted a picture –in minute detail– of the truest emotion you have ever experienced, what would you do? What would those closest to you see? What would everyone in your world know to be true about you? Would these images match what you say about your feelings? Would they be coherent with the purpose you profess to live?

In 2012, we, the Principle Investigators of the Mereon Matrix, began working with John Stuart Reid using the CymaScope in our research. One day the decision was made to investigate if this technology could demonstrate a pattern match that would connect the Mereon Matrix and the stethoscopic sounds of a human heart.

Why? Because for 27-years I’d been insisting that by bringing this heartfelt Pattern of Love to conscious awareness through my emotional body that my brain had healed. Ongoing experiences and every thought continued to awaken this ‘knowing’ in my cells and over time I knew with all my body, heart, mind and spirit that the Mereon Matrix was the blueprint of Consciousness. For decades every piece of my artwork reflected this sense.

That day, one cymatic test would either validate my awareness as knowledge or it would disprove the understanding I felt I’d gleaned from my experiences. For years I’d promised that the first time I was incorrect about the Matrix, I’d quit and go Home. The sound files were loaded and we gathered around the machine to watch as the sound was injected into the small cell.

Click here to watch the video, and when you’ve finished, please pass it on.