Turning down the heat

The morning I left Israel a couple months ago it was a cool 17º Celsius, and five hours later my friend Natalie sent an email that by noon the temperature was over 39º , that’s over 100º  to those of you who think in terms of Fahrenheit. finally 2 You can only imagine how happy I was to be heading to Switzerland…

Within a matter of weeks a memory began to seep into my awareness from an unknown point in my distant past; an advertising slogan that warned, “Don’t mess with Mother Nature.”

finally 1Clearly She’s showing us what happens when we do so, because 2015 is on track to be the hottest year on record. For weeks a heat wave has been blistering Ticino and most of Europe. Thankfully, it finally broke last night when storm fronts rolled in from every direction bringing thunder and lightning that shook the building for an hour before the first rains came. The minute the first drops fell, the temperature dropped from 33º Celsius to a lovely 20º, 68º Fahrenheit.

Waking up this morning after a wonderful night’s sleep, it was blissful to open the shutters to sunny skies and still cool temperatures. While gratitude flooded my heart, I readily admit to counting the days until Autumn, all the while longing for my first Ticino winter!

Whatever the weather is in your neighbourhood today, may your inner world be as joyous as mine is this day, filled with the warmth of love, your skies clear so your spirit can fly.

Time, Travel and Transformation

sunset in jerusalemSunset in Jerusalem

As hard as it is to believe, my long journey across Israel is fast coming to an end, even though my return in already embedded in the current ending. As we celebrate final dinners and I pack my bags in preparation to fly to Milan, and train from there to Locarno for four days before flying to Denmark –to see if my cat will still talk to me–. The 24th I will fly south once more, and while I’d planned to keep my feet on the ground for the summer, another ‘bounce’ was added to my itinerary yesterday, a return to California. The reason is a joyous one I can assure you, and I’ll update more about that later, but the lesson is once again a reminder that announcing plans is a surefire way to make the Universe Laugh! Remaining open and in the flow is the only way I know to grow, and it’s also what’s necessary on our part for the divine to do what she wants to do; cooperate in making love known!

There is no time to write about the magical journey that evolved during the trip north to Tzfat and the return to Tel Aviv, so I hope for now the pictures will serve as reminders of what a beautiful planet we are privileged to call home.

Mt MeronThe view of Mt. Meron from the home of friends

tzfat old cityThe Old City of Tzfat in the North

renovationsRenovation of a 16th Century village by Livnot ulehibanot

david friedmanAnd the magical art of David Friedman!

Love yourselves, one another and Gaia well today!

Living with double hearts

_IGP4797This morning –before coffee– I read an article that woke me up!

The statement that grabbed my attention was this: “People with more bodily awareness tend have more intense reactions to emotive pictures and report being more greatly moved by them; they are also better at describing their feelings. Furthermore, the article goes on to report that “Importantly, this sensitivity seems to extend to others’ feelings…”

Click here to read an article well worth reading! Rest assured, the questions that will come up in your heart and brain are not any that I need to ask! Make a decision to be in touch with your body and heart and I suspect your brain will wake up, and if you consciously choose to follow what arises, you may well have a wonderful day filled with gifts and all manner of surprises.

P.S. About the picture…. this is clearly not Israel where I am now entering the final week in a two+ month visit, miracles and magic are the strands weaving my breath and creating the tapestry of my days. However, I fully admit that the emotional tug at my heart to go home to Minusio [Locarno], Switzerland is getting stronger by the minute!

Birdsong, Ah ha’s, and Java Juice

_IGP4819 (1)Waking up at 05.32 in the morning while dealing with 10-hours of time change has brought me closer than ever with the sounds and Song of the Universe. The reason is the bird song starts an hour before the sunrise as these winged creature welcome a new day. Continue reading Birdsong, Ah ha’s, and Java Juice

Renewing the Old to Rebuild Anew

4.6.2015 blogLooking back outside the Old City of Jerusalem….

There is no possible way to begin to communicate the myriad of experiences that defined Jerusalem yesterday… The journey from Tel Aviv was ‘a trip’ to remember… walking through a modern mall outside the old City was something else… entering the Jaffa Gate was more emotional than one might anticipate… being welcomed by a harpist playing on the street was magical… walking on streets paved with golden stones, some old, some new, required paying attention to every step…

Pesach (Passover) was spent with a well-known Breslov musician and his family in Tel Aviv. When Eliezer heard that we were going to Jerusalem Sunday he shared that he and his colleague Alex were performing at a special event and invited us to join them. While the depth of the experiences there will take time to process, there are no words to describe my feelings and thoughts when they dedicated a song to me, and talked with the group about the reunion of science and spirit, then singing “Return Again” in both Hebrew and English.

This experience, shared with dearest friends was just the beginning of the day… and then came Francoise… a reunion that opened and unfolded but shall have to remain a story to be shared another day…

However, the image above provided me with a way to express my link with Eliezer and Francoise! Like the connections we are privileged to remember and renew, it’s a small section of a very large building that was taken apart stone-by-stone and rebuilt piece-by-piece in a new time and space. It remains a powerful reminder of how energy can neither be created or destroyed; that what ‘Is’ always ‘Is’, the energy in every atom reassembled time and again since the birth of Creation.

So it is that as I walk today’s path my clearest intent is to breathe every breath wholly and fully remembering again that living and dying are merely how we partake and participate in the Universe’s recycling system!

Joy to you!