Self-talk and Compassion

talk to the handAuto-posting this DiaBLOGue to other social media sites has led to many connections, some are amazing while others fall into the category of ‘interesting’. While each one offers possible connection, every day brings an opportunity to make a conscious choice where I must decide whether or not to participate in the conversations that are found there. Those that are most worthwhile are true dialogues, those where others take time to read and offer meaningful feedback. These groups are those that I’ve decided to remain in, and continue to participate.

Such groups are incredible opportunities for good, however too many are playgrounds for bullies, where chaos rules and shaming others behaviours and blaming others is normal. Reading such posts quickly make me aware of what’s going on for me at that moment. If it bothers me the only reason is that it amplifies or magnifies the seed of that quality in my life. So it is that I’m presented with an opportunity to heal my heart and change my mind! Turning on the news it is clear that we are capable of amazing good and acts of unmitigated horror both to ourselves and one another. What if it is true that we are the product of true Love? What if it’s true that we are the Universe creating herself and co-creating the ‘realities’ that we share? What happens when our words and actions are incoherent, out of harmony, with the Love Knot that makes us all we are capable of being?

One of the terms that being thrown around these days is ‘fascism’, and yet few seem to know what it really is. From my perspective it’s the unwholly union of politics, religion and big business. Frankly, if we don’t like what’s going on in the world, laws and actions put into play by those that ‘We the people’ have the right and responsibility to elect, we have only to look at our actions or inaction. Living in a country that where there is freedom, democracy, is a gift that cannot be taken for granted or assumed as a given. Making our voices heard, in a blog as well as in a vote, is a privilege. Abdicating erases the right to complain, and may well eradicate human rights as a consequence.

Our responsibility is to respond to the best of our ability. How often do we react after abdicating our rights? For me it’s important to look inside every day to reconsider how I use tools such as this DiaBLOGue or Facebook. Are we simply promoting our own agendas? Is it an attempt to assert our will and get our way? Or is it an opportunity to get away with inexcusable behaviour?

Every post I make is an effort to express compassion and extend understanding, helping to bring about a resolution between loving and fear through one of many intentional experiences. The ‘How’ is through the realization that having the courage to love brings with it the existential fear of losing that which we love. For me living is about discovering that loving is all about openness, most especially holding those we love on an open palm, for this is what lets them move when they must and return when they choose and we agree. Mutually beneficial relationships are only possible as long as we are able to love.

Today, rather than attacking, shaming, blaming or pointing a finger, I consciously choose to accept that what I see in another is my lesson, and that person is my teacher.

I’m away for a long weekend and hope you enjoy yours as much as I am going to appreciate celebrating mine in the cool mountain air in the north!

Lessons in Patience

Yesterday after arriving back in Europe following a two week adventure in the USA, I went to empty my suitcase only to find that the TSA, transportation safety authority, in San Francisco had done me a ‘favour’ after inspecting my bag; they locked it. The only problem was I didn’t have a clue what the combination might be!

Desperate, needing to do laundry and repack in time to make the next step on my adventure, travelling to Spain Friday afternoon and then on to Israel next week, I admit that my first inclination was to take a crow bar or a bolt cutter to it!

However, my sister Jytte has a PhD in patience and so it was that she rolled it over to the breakfast table! Knowing there were ‘only’ 999 possible combinations, she sat with it, her brain and fingers determined to find the 1 that worked! Incredibly, an hour later she found it! Those who know me will laugh as it’s a numerical Pattern I know very well and it’s probably the only sequence I didn’t think to try!

While I’ve learned that there is definitely a point where patience ceases to be a virtue, life teaching me that long-suffering is not a talent or gift, I am grateful for those friends who have infinitely more patience than me!

Living the Quest or the questioning

there comes a timeAnd of course the ‘kicker’ in living our best answer is knowing when that answer is no longer valid. This is when we have to find the courage to take the time we need to ask the question again or find the new question. In this we are free to rediscover, speak and live our renewed answer.

A Mereonic perspective on John Nash: Cooperation vs. Competition

Ch 12 Figure 220 Relationship of the Sun to Earth NASAThis picture offers us an opportunity to make a sobering consideration as we contemplate the relationship of the Sun to Earth. NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (August 31, 2012)

Our colleague Nick Woolf long ago suggested that that fact that we evolved and continue to survive in a fiercely competitive environment is extraordinary.  Life on this planet has long competed for resources in order to extend its duration. While mankind has evolved, our relentless quest for ‘bigger and better’ continues to intensify even though getting ‘more’ material wealth fails guarantee a high quality of life. It is precisely this quest that threatens our very survival.

While today’s most asked existential questions seem to be,‘What’s in it for me?’ and ‘Why should I care?’, there is a good reason to care about this work; understanding it and living it.

John Nash, featured in the film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ quantified the value of an individual as being part of a cooperative unit working for the benefit of the whole. The Nash Equilibrium (1950) is considered to be the optimum competitive solution for two opponents who know each others optimal strategy.

The Mereon Matrix reveals the Nash Equilibrium to be inefficient at best. The reason is that the competitiveness it wastes time, human energy and material resources. It also encourages manipulation, deviousness and outright deceit.

In comparison, the competence implicit in the Mereon Matrix, demonstrated in the educational project known as BeLonging where kids use the strategy of communal cooperation that is based on ethical values and prior agreement.

The results leads to a realisation that transcends hope.

The ‘kicker’ is how to get adults to stop acting childish so to renew the childlike joy found in awe and wonder that generates curiosity and cooperation.