Take a walk with me…

While many amazing things happened during my recent travels in Israel, one of the best is my daily addiction to long walks. Remarkable connections have already been made on these evening jaunts, and thankfully, the temperature here is blissful compared to the desert! Join me in a visual reflection on this evenings walk…

blog 1Kilometers of Jasmine fill the air with a fragrance that is absolutely intoxicating!

blog 2This evening I noticed this marker for the first time. Well, I guess it’s a sculpture. You’ll have to forgive me for the story that popped into my brain when I saw it; a few years ago, a Swiss television reporter was interviewing a French woman who was the oldest person in the country. Admiring this centenarian + 5 year-old’s elegant beauty, the interviewer marveled, “What’s your secret for having no wrinkles?”, this wise woman tossed back an immediate response, “Oh honey, I have one big wrinkle and I’m sitting on it!” No doubt her sense of humour got her to this ripe old age!


And while the swans are beautiful on the water…

blog 9

But when they take to the walkways they seriously mess with
the national neatness indigenous to the Swiss…
blog 8And even though the culture is pure Swiss you don’t have to look far to realize
that the Italian influence is the Law that rules!

blog 6

…more roses than most vineyards…blog 5

…palm trees…DSCN4351

A circlet of Alps and a summer armada…blog 3

…and a playground, parents and kids having gone home for dinner…

All this beauty, ‘just another post card’ is exceeded by the Music! While I have more pictures to share, an orchestra has started tuning a few blocks up the path, and it’s calling my name!

Paradox: The Cosmos has a sense of Humour but the Universe isn’t Laughing

IMGP9782Most are familiar with the quote “No man ever steps in the same river twice”, but few know it was uttered by Heraclitus, a Greek sage who occupied the planet long before Socrates. He stands tall in the legion of cosmic muses who inspire me, a man who was a self-taught pioneer seeking true wisdom.

I know well the traits necessary to become and be a pioneer; think ‘chutzpah, tenacity and more than a teaspoon of audacity. To venture into domains that nothing save death and dying prepared me for, think ‘’science’, has been the most amazing adventure. Continue reading Paradox: The Cosmos has a sense of Humour but the Universe isn’t Laughing

Universal Music

mereon clay taylor http://www.sciencetosagemagazine.com 

In the current edition of Science to Sage magazine, Clay Taylor makes a musical assessment of the Patterning generated by the Mereon Prime Frequency as this inaudible sound vibrates a few drops of water.

“In analyzing the Mereon Prime frequency, the nested 5-fold geometries are distinguished in all of their glory, a harmonic solution of supreme elegance. Consistent with 5-fold geometry, the image is awash in phi ratios. However, beyond this golden ratio the square roots of 2 and 3, important geometric constants in their own right, are also harmonically present. To add to what is already a miracle of a harmonic patterning, the video reveals many of the primary musical ratios including: the perfect fifth; the minor third; and the major 6th; the major 3rd and minor 6th; the minor 2nd and major 7th; and of course the octave. This may be 100% musician talk, but they correspond to some of the primary musical relationships used to compose the music we listen to daily.”

Watch this video and then ask yourself: “Knowing that this same Patterning is found in the sound of my heart and is resonating in my brain, how will my voice, my Song, generate loving tones and actions that bring healing into my world today?”

The Fragrant Echo of Light

Last night’s Awakening Zone dialogue with Karen Elkins, click here to listen, was a fun romp through our Mereonic Universe, a long yet fast 99 minutes of exchanging thoughts on what Is, our intent to catalyse new and next steps as we move towards what may yet be.One Voice One Song Time to Dance Everything you say and do either cooperates with the universe or puts up resistance to transformation.

  • How much energy do you waste trying to manage your time?
  • Have you ever realised that Time is managing your life?
  • With the awareness that Change = Time, in light of Eternity what will you do today to co-create Love, that which truly matters?
  • How will you make your work High Play, making a positive difference that effects the Future in this moment?