The Source of a Tenacious and Persistent Bliss

diablogue 25 january 2016 persistent blissFor 29-years it has been an unimaginable joy to discover how Purpose let’s me recover authenticity. It directs the Flow, letting me grow even as it steadfastly forms and reforms my spirit. purpose, continuously reshapes space and time, allowing meaning to carve sacred places in which I am free to lovingly express my heart, ideas and spirit in measurable ways.

All traditions and cultures proclaim the rainbow a symbol of promise. The Promise is ours to fulfil by sharing its beauty through silence, tone, music, art, numbers, letters, words and deeds.

What will your life reflect into the world this day?

The Darkness Moving White Light

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12 september 2015

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The Power of Freedom

requiemMy awakening and freedom came in three experiences of dying, events that cremated every imaginable fear, most notably the fear of death. While living isn’t always easy, the good news is that the Love I discovered in dying lifts my heart and lightens my thoughts and inpowers my spirit whenever I let it! In love’s timeless embrace the truest miracle happens –I don’t have to do life the hard way!

For 28-very incredible years it’s been my honour to work with an amazing team as we’ve unfolded the knowledge called the Mereon Matrix, the arcing angles that clearly define the invisible threshold that connects living this lifetime and the next. Knowing that death isn’t real after being pulled back into life against my will, was what let let me say ‘Yes’ when given a choice to return or stay. I freely admit that it wasn’t an easy decision. However, my agreement to return came with a caveat: the Universe had to cooperate! My intent was and remains to live wholly and fully through the understanding of how life and death, and science and spirit are interconnected; my passion and purpose to make this, the Logic of Love, known by co-creating experiences of realationships.

Incredibly, this complex Matrix has indeed revealed precisely such a simple Understanding! Its found in the ultimate Love Knot, the rainbow tied by the arcing angles of fire and water. Are you ready to Dance through space and time knowing that a common Source inpowers every cell of every being? This connection is true and when we open our hearts, attitudes and hands it lights every step and intersection on our path.

Imagine that the Universe –what ever you consider Divine, Goddess, God, GoddEssence, or an angel– spoke, appeared and offered you the Cosmic Key to Freedom. Ask yourself the following questions then pause to think carefully about your responses before reading on;

Would you accept this Key if it was crystal clear that doing so required you to free yourself from every form of physical bondage? Would you say “Yes” to releasing your heart from fear? Could you live if doubt was banished from every thought and attitude? Would you have the courage to fly if the wings of your spirit were unclipped?

If you want to know more connect by email, or better yet, join us in Tel Aviv next week! While we can also gather information by following the blog, remember that true learning comes through experience!

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Embodied Light

PrintWhen I read that UNESCO had declared 2015 ‘The Year of Light and light based technologies’ it seemed somehow perfect! But it seemed to my brain that their logo need needed a bit of revisioning their. This was my effort to communicate my thought! ☺

One of my favourite books is ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, and his words, “He who must travel happily must travel light” have long inspired my heart, calling beauty into mindfulness with regard to what truly matters in light of eternity.

The word “human” comes from the Hindu words “hu”, which means light. Few know that “man” means ‘mind’, and that science indeed affirms that you are embodied light!

For almost three decades my life has purpose has revolved around the resonance of light, the Universal symphony whose harmony gives rise to life. It all began with a single point of light that both called and carried me over the threshold between life and death. It was there that I left my right footprint imbedded in Eternity, and my being was imprinted with the experiential knowledge of Light’s wholeness. That moment, changed how I hear and see the world forever as a cosmic loom wove the strand of a divine tapestry, entwining space and time, and filling it with a light that can only be described as love. I live for the day when T.S. Eliot’s inspiring thought is realised in the hearts of humankind, “And all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well when the tongues of flame are in-folded into a crowned knot of fire and the fire and the rose are one.”

The Mereon Matrix is a template for a living technology of mindfulness and shows us how to flip the switch and turn on our inner lights. Such is true ‘InLightenment’, a job that is yours and yours alone. If you’re in the dark, flip the switch or take off the hood. You’re meant to move freely and fearlessly in this world, light that opens the darkness as you lovingly work/play to make a positive difference. When the light’s on inside it’s easy to explore, trailblazing spaces you’ve consciously or unconsciously stayed away from and this is how you find your way to “The Fountain of You”! There you can blend all the ingredients you’ve found and gathered along the way, and mixing it with the alchemical elixir that you find flowing there, what you blend forms a unique potion that has the power to transform your body, inpower your heart, inlighten your brain and inspire your spirit to be and with others achieve what you’ve only dared to dream! What you are blending is the libation of liberation!

Today, Day 12 in the Year of Light in the Age of Transformation, create a ‘Fellini’ moment and joyously dance with abandon in the ‘Fountain of You’!

Responding to a ReQuest for Understanding

the mereon legacy diablogue 3

Responding to a ReQuest for Understanding

Yesterday I received the following note:


Hi Lynnclaire,

I’ve read your NDE and I’ve always been fascinated by it, especially the Mereon Matrix, which, admittedly, is difficult to comprehend, but fascinating nonetheless. I generally describe myself as an atheist/agnostic, however, I believe the universe (now multi-verse) is far more complex and beyond any “god” we humans have conjured. I guess I want to know, is it real, do we really continue our consciousness after death? Also, if the afterlife is imbued with eternal love and endless bliss, why do some people have horrifying NDE’s? Last, why are we here? Do you know or have an inclining? I’m not asking to cajole or challenge, I just really want to know.

Kindly, Michael

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