The Source of a Tenacious and Persistent Bliss

diablogue 25 january 2016 persistent blissFor 29-years it has been an unimaginable joy to discover how Purpose let’s me recover authenticity. It directs the Flow, letting me grow even as it steadfastly forms and reforms my spirit. purpose, continuously reshapes space and time, allowing meaning to carve sacred places in which I am free to lovingly express my heart, ideas and spirit in measurable ways.

All traditions and cultures proclaim the rainbow a symbol of promise. The Promise is ours to fulfil by sharing its beauty through silence, tone, music, art, numbers, letters, words and deeds.

What will your life reflect into the world this day?

Politics has me rethinking ‘Integrity’

gabrielleWeaving Creation… a still evolving triptych…

 My recent trip to the East Coast of the US was mentally exhausting due in part to the media constantly nattering about what seems utterly un-newsworthy. The worst of it was the presidential election over a year away. Weary of the overexposure to this unreal realm, I bought a new book and turned off the television for the duration.

Upon reflection, what I found stunning was how the ‘players’, a few gargantuan egos — Continue reading Politics has me rethinking ‘Integrity’

C’era una volta

diablogue 21 october 2015‘Once upon a time…’

Today I am remembering when air travel was exciting, even glamourous…

My October adventure is taking me to remarkably beautiful places, including the view above that is appreciated by friends who live in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Every breath reminds me of the privilege and joy that comes with being free and empowered to live my life Purpose on purpose.

However… I have to admit that for the past week I’ve been waking up, and getting up to discover two sharp points as my feet hit the floor in a darkened room: the first, is the frustrating BD (before coffee) realisation as I have to stop and remember where I am in order to get my bearings before wandering too far from the bed! (Today it’s Salt Lake City, Utah in the US); and then I have to quickly deal with the reality that what my body, heart, and spirit really want is to be home.

Today is something of a day off, and my intent it to celebrate it with joy. I invite you to do the same!