22 December 2014

22 dec 2014 blogOnly days before 2014 slips into the abyss… How can it be?

As things speed up what’s important for most is that there are only two more sleeps until Christmas. The thought of the insanity behind it all makes me more than a bit Scroogey and the biggest part of me just wants to nod off into a deep dreaming sleep and wake up when it’s over. The naming of the day, Christos Mass, the Celebration of Light, not one person’s last name remains lost, as usual, under the dog pile of stress, shoppers running the maze in the malls and traffic jams that defy any definition of spiritual or sanity. Am I alone in noticing that there isn’t a ‘Buddhamas’, a day where most of the world stays home and eats and drinks too much tea?

So it is that I remain at home, spending my time doing what I want and love; thinking of family and friends near and far; imagining and plotting for how to make the world a better place in the future; cooking up a love storm for those I love; curling up in a corner of the sofa wrapped in a the yummy pashmina sent by a friend, alas snuggled only with my cat as we watch a DVD to avoid the sappy sentiments that dumb the brain and numb the heart on the boob-tube, aka, television. Winter walking in blue skies sends me into open bliss as I observe the vulnerability of life naked and wide open. This season, time not limited to any calendar, reminds me that transparency, allowing those we trust to see who we are, tightens and secures true bonds as the inner juices slow and the spirit cocoons until like the trees, we bloom again come spring, whenever it may be.

My La Verna Journey

poppi to lavernaLooking from Poppi towards Mt. Penna, La Verna, Italy

While it will take a long while to write of the many insights that arose during my time at La Verna, what follows are first thoughts…

Arriving after a long-day’s journey, travelling from Switzerland to Milan, on to Firenze and into Arezzo where I caught the local for Bibbiena, my wonderful friend/driver Marco picked me up and we headed east toward the mountains. Around the first corner, he pointed up and said, “La Verna”. Instantly reminded of Yosemite’s Half Dome, where the Mariposa stone is hard Continue reading My La Verna Journey