An Open Love Letter

Today when I saw that this is my 333rd post on the DiaBLOGue, words suddenly began to gurgle up from my heart, and flowing from my brain –its willing slave– made their way down through my fingers and onto the page… [Click on the image to enlarge it]

new song diablogue 333

How often do you find yourself feeling sad, angry and stuck

Does Love often go missing as your emotions run amok?

Why is it your brain’s so intent on manipulating your heart?

What on Earth will it take to give your life a new start?

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Question 6

07 september 2014 blog

This will probably be the last question I’ll be able to post before the REALationship Dialogue! I’ve framed the question in an image and intentionally layered in ‘hints’ for how you might begin to think/rethink about answering this question!

P.S. I am travelling tomorrow, 🙂 so there will be no post on the DiaBLOGue! Back on Tuesday!