Age is not a number

22 july 2015 diablogueAge is not number; it is an attitude.

 As time blows around us and flows within us, the gusting winds of change, the pulsing cadence of age sculpts the edges of sage into our spirit. While there are times that these ‘laugh lines’ might not seem all that funny, make sure each is well-earned, carved by the flow of grace that continuously re-sculpts the soul with wisdom.

Remember that when pain buffets the body and heart, we can consciously change our attitudes and thus, carve a new facet of awareness.

May you fly through life this day, carried on the wings of love.


An Exit Visa from the Land of No and Not

kids doubleAre you ready to exit the land of “No” and “Not”?

Do you long to openly live in the Land of Understanding?

Would you like to live in a ‘Youniverse’ where Love flows and grows?

Can you imagine taking down the doors, removing the windows and tearing down the walls that separate you from the love you long for?

Are you ready to know you belong and live with a naked heart, your brain stripped of the need to criticize and your spirit no longer cloaked in other’s covers ups?

What will it take to be willing to hear another’s perspective without your brain having to translate?

What will your life look like if you began responding from the present and stopped reacting, projecting your old fears based –what was or was not– into the future?

Can you imagine comprehending from your heart without your ego thinking it has to interpret and offer an opinion?

What do you require to live your lifetime it flows with grace?

Can you imagine loving in radical trust rather than dependence being a condition of monopoly?

Can you imagine walking hand-in-hand, no longer struggling in a tug-of-war because someone needs to dictate?

What would change if you could remember and reweave the strands of time, and begin to make decisions that let you live your lifetime?

COMING SOON: A Mereon Solution to help you making life-affirming decisions!

The Power of Freedom

requiemMy awakening and freedom came in three experiences of dying, events that cremated every imaginable fear, most notably the fear of death. While living isn’t always easy, the good news is that the Love I discovered in dying lifts my heart and lightens my thoughts and inpowers my spirit whenever I let it! In love’s timeless embrace the truest miracle happens –I don’t have to do life the hard way!

For 28-very incredible years it’s been my honour to work with an amazing team as we’ve unfolded the knowledge called the Mereon Matrix, the arcing angles that clearly define the invisible threshold that connects living this lifetime and the next. Knowing that death isn’t real after being pulled back into life against my will, was what let let me say ‘Yes’ when given a choice to return or stay. I freely admit that it wasn’t an easy decision. However, my agreement to return came with a caveat: the Universe had to cooperate! My intent was and remains to live wholly and fully through the understanding of how life and death, and science and spirit are interconnected; my passion and purpose to make this, the Logic of Love, known by co-creating experiences of realationships.

Incredibly, this complex Matrix has indeed revealed precisely such a simple Understanding! Its found in the ultimate Love Knot, the rainbow tied by the arcing angles of fire and water. Are you ready to Dance through space and time knowing that a common Source inpowers every cell of every being? This connection is true and when we open our hearts, attitudes and hands it lights every step and intersection on our path.

Imagine that the Universe –what ever you consider Divine, Goddess, God, GoddEssence, or an angel– spoke, appeared and offered you the Cosmic Key to Freedom. Ask yourself the following questions then pause to think carefully about your responses before reading on;

Would you accept this Key if it was crystal clear that doing so required you to free yourself from every form of physical bondage? Would you say “Yes” to releasing your heart from fear? Could you live if doubt was banished from every thought and attitude? Would you have the courage to fly if the wings of your spirit were unclipped?

If you want to know more connect by email, or better yet, join us in Tel Aviv next week! While we can also gather information by following the blog, remember that true learning comes through experience!

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Living the Quest or the questioning

there comes a timeAnd of course the ‘kicker’ in living our best answer is knowing when that answer is no longer valid. This is when we have to find the courage to take the time we need to ask the question again or find the new question. In this we are free to rediscover, speak and live our renewed answer.

Linking Reason and Purpose

2 january 2015

2015: The Year of Transformation and the Fractal Majority

Entering 2015 in horizontal mode, knocked down by a wicked flu bug that’s kept me off-line for over a week in every imaginable way, provided time between sneezes to reconsider how living is all about safely navigating our interconnected existential realities. Specifically, these linked domains are internal and external; 1) our ‘invironment’ being the universe under our skin, the space that embraces our purpose, vision, values, emotions, attitudes, instincts and spirit; and 2) our environment, the temporal spatial nexus in which the quality of our lives is defined by our relationships. The real kicker for humanity seems to be getting it through our dense, closed and stuffed up heads that these relationships are far more than our intimates, family, friends, friendlies, and acquaintances. The connections that affect us in unimaginable ways are those that are infinite, the powerful fractal majority that is invisible, unknown and nameless. Continue reading Linking Reason and Purpose