Renewing the Old to Rebuild Anew

4.6.2015 blogLooking back outside the Old City of Jerusalem….

There is no possible way to begin to communicate the myriad of experiences that defined Jerusalem yesterday… The journey from Tel Aviv was ‘a trip’ to remember… walking through a modern mall outside the old City was something else… entering the Jaffa Gate was more emotional than one might anticipate… being welcomed by a harpist playing on the street was magical… walking on streets paved with golden stones, some old, some new, required paying attention to every step…

Pesach (Passover) was spent with a well-known Breslov musician and his family in Tel Aviv. When Eliezer heard that we were going to Jerusalem Sunday he shared that he and his colleague Alex were performing at a special event and invited us to join them. While the depth of the experiences there will take time to process, there are no words to describe my feelings and thoughts when they dedicated a song to me, and talked with the group about the reunion of science and spirit, then singing “Return Again” in both Hebrew and English.

This experience, shared with dearest friends was just the beginning of the day… and then came Francoise… a reunion that opened and unfolded but shall have to remain a story to be shared another day…

However, the image above provided me with a way to express my link with Eliezer and Francoise! Like the connections we are privileged to remember and renew, it’s a small section of a very large building that was taken apart stone-by-stone and rebuilt piece-by-piece in a new time and space. It remains a powerful reminder of how energy can neither be created or destroyed; that what ‘Is’ always ‘Is’, the energy in every atom reassembled time and again since the birth of Creation.

So it is that as I walk today’s path my clearest intent is to breathe every breath wholly and fully remembering again that living and dying are merely how we partake and participate in the Universe’s recycling system!

Joy to you!

What is your Message?

31 march 2015The walls of of Tel Aviv offer me constant reminders that the gift of life is short. Many of the thoughts these artists offer make me want to unwrap every breath, and drive me to make each word meaningful. But they also remind me that writing on walls is a lazy way to communicate; that taking positive action is the heartbeat of making our lives matter in ways that are beneficial and measurable.

Everyday situations faced in this country, never mind what’s reported on the news, compel me to remember that happiness is not a continuum. A fleeting moment of bliss is a point of grace. I’ve stopped confusing joy with a smiley face, and understand that it’s being free to experience and express what ‘Is’ in any moment. Sharing this journey, my life, is riding the Rainbow of Love, the path is a constant arc that carries me into the eternal unknown. Walking this narrow middle path transcends hope for it allows me to ask others to hold my hand through the inevitable moments of self-doubt, and the divine carries me through despair whenever my emotions erode my ability to speak (yes, it happens). The Logic of Love that’s been identified in the architecture of the Mereon Matrix, a ligature that connects inside and out, science and spirit, is a method that is meaningful. By connecting local and global and uniting physical and spiritual, it bonds emotional and temporal, and enjoins thinking and intuition.

How we live our lives is our message. Every day my best efforts are to make what is meaningful simple. I’m the first one to admit that there are times when I miss the mark, but far worse, are the opportunities when I don’t even come remotely close to the target. But awareness is what lets me forgive myself, apologise to others, and change.

What is your Message today? How will others learn from your method?