The Source of a Tenacious and Persistent Bliss

diablogue 25 january 2016 persistent blissFor 29-years it has been an unimaginable joy to discover how Purpose let’s me recover authenticity. It directs the Flow, letting me grow even as it steadfastly forms and reforms my spirit. purpose, continuously reshapes space and time, allowing meaning to carve sacred places in which I am free to lovingly express my heart, ideas and spirit in measurable ways.

All traditions and cultures proclaim the rainbow a symbol of promise. The Promise is ours to fulfil by sharing its beauty through silence, tone, music, art, numbers, letters, words and deeds.

What will your life reflect into the world this day?

Flow carving change

carving timeMother Nature has long been my greatest teacher, and this image, a photograph taken yesterday on a return visit to the Verzasca Valle, is a clear demonstration of how flow, time and water, wins over everything we think of as solid.

What will time change for you today? How will you respond to differences in your life?