C’era una volta

diablogue 21 october 2015‘Once upon a time…’

Today I am remembering when air travel was exciting, even glamourous…

My October adventure is taking me to remarkably beautiful places, including the view above that is appreciated by friends who live in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Every breath reminds me of the privilege and joy that comes with being free and empowered to live my life Purpose on purpose.

However… I have to admit that for the past week I’ve been waking up, and getting up to discover two sharp points as my feet hit the floor in a darkened room: the first, is the frustrating BD (before coffee) realisation as I have to stop and remember where I am in order to get my bearings before wandering too far from the bed! (Today it’s Salt Lake City, Utah in the US); and then I have to quickly deal with the reality that what my body, heart, and spirit really want is to be home.

Today is something of a day off, and my intent it to celebrate it with joy. I invite you to do the same!

Light and Dark II: Relational Round-Abouts, Caves and Dead-Ends

Yesterday a dear friend responded to the Dia.BLOG.ue, the post entitled ‘Light or Dark’ on Facebook, writing “I prefer walking alone in the light until I meet a friend, but I will not stay in the dark, just to avoid to be alone!”27 july 2015

In full agreement with her sentiments, I know full well that being alone has nothing to do with loneliness, the lethal epidemic that is cutting down so many. Continue reading Light and Dark II: Relational Round-Abouts, Caves and Dead-Ends

A nebula of memories

Last night the changing light in the living room once again drew me to the terrace. While it was the moon rising over Lago Maggiore that called me the night before, this time ‘the call’ came from behind me…

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