High Ground and High Water

rainstormThe story of a global flood is found embedded in cultures the world over, each recounting an inundation that wiped out the majority of the world’s population. According to all, everyone died except for those who heard that an inundation was coming and prepared. The preparation was building a habitat in which they could survive, a big boat we know as the Ark, a ship that was capable of carrying everything necessary to rebuild the world when the waters receded.

Where the story originated is —like many things— the subject of dispute. However, what’s of particular interest to me is that this is a point of agreement between the Jewish, Christian and Islamic traditions. The book of Genesis in the Torah, and the Quran all talk about a man named Noah and on teachers on all three sides of this fence agree that he was a righteous man of action for took what he heard led to a believing that it was as ‘true’, and he rose to the task given him; to work out his own salvation. Tales abound about how he was mocked, ridiculed and scorned by family, friends and neighbors who thought he was nuts, yet, he kept on building, refusing to deny his inner knowing —and whatever evidence he’d been shown— that a planetary clean-up was coming in the form of a storm of unimaginable proportions. Noah’s personal qualities and responsive actions make it clear today how others will work beside one who displays a strong will and a coherent capacity to lead without micro managing. Stories tell how he made sure that those with the competence were given the tasks that needed to be done. According to this story by living his own truth, Noah’s actions preserved his life; saved his family; those who worked with him before the water began to rise.

Think about it: you and me, the Royal We and the global zoo, life that arose out of stardust, are descendants of one who followed his vision and accepted his task, to build a boat. Noah and those who helped build the boat, took the long ride on his ship, a group of people with the ability to live and breathe through what sounds unbelievable. Such radical trust is clearly a quality that was and is necessary to rebuild when our worlds –inner and outer—are destroyed. I have no doubt that their time on-board led to many situations where they had to fine-tune their emotional skills in order to keep from throwing themselves or someone else overboard without a life ring.

Such skills are essential to rebuild the foundation for the Future we inhabit today.

  • Food for thought today:
    How are you doing with lovingly taking care of your body?
  • Are you trusting your heart?
  • What are you doing to lift yourself when things get heavy?
  • Who do you know loves you unconditionally, accepting the realities of your warts and farts and growing with you through every false start?
  • What do you love doing?
  • What are best your skills?
  • What in your life needs to be clarified or fine-tuned?
  • How are you using your time?
  • What sends your spirit into flight?

Tomorrow, Part II: Building Solid Rainbow Bridges

A Matrix of Mindfulness to Renew the Spirit of Business

spirit of business 1

Host and coordinator of this event, Benjamin ‘Ben’ P. Taylor, Managing Partner at RedQuadrant,  invites you to join us as we co-create an experience that will make it clear how to apply the Mereon Matrix to renew the spirit of business.

Click here to explore the website that Ben and I worked together to develop and make plans to join us!

spirit of business f

ReFocusing as a Turning Point

aug 25 blogYesterday I made the decision to refocus my energy for the coming months. Rather than writing, the desire of my heart is to create and facilitate. So, save fulfilling my commitment to this blog –to squeeze a minimum of 111 new words out of my heart, mind and spirit and get them onto paper every day—that’s what I’ll be doing. While this was a positive choice that was made out of self-love to focus on well-being and Purpose, it was a decision that had the temporal misfortune of running headlong into an emotional tidal wave. Today, following a somewhat soggy day, my task is to wring words from my sponge-like heart to ensure that the tears shed don’t sour.

Spending the day home alone was far from a day of mischief that we sometimes think of with those two words. While productive, it wasn’t ‘fun’ and more than a few minutes were spent thinking about the Vipassana retreat, 101-days ahead in my present ‘pending’. In the silence as I contemplated 10-days of utter silence, in a room with people who are not permitted to look at one another, I began to think about how we mere mortals are members of a paradoxical species.

Have you ever thought it sounded arrogant that we call ourselves ‘homo sapiens sapiens’, knowers who know? Was it per chance a moniker we gave ourselves as something to strive for? How many people do you know who assert that they know and yet live their lives deep in the fear of the unknown?

A scientific study was recently published that revealed how the majority of the subjects, people age 18-77 from all walks of life, would rather endure painful electrical shocks than spend ten minutes alone with their thoughts. Why? Because they find what’s going on in their head boring. This led to a deep awareness of why it is that relationship is critical to our health and well-being; our ability to endure; and why loving communication is a requisite for our evolution.

We are a genus that has developed a remarkable ability to express ourselves in a manner that is understandable to others, members of our own species, and to some degree others. I like to think that my cat understands me even though she constantly asserts her will over mine in a dozen different ways, each that proves she’s the boss and I’m her faithful and willing servant!

It seems to me that there are some vital questions we need to be considering with regard to our unique ability to communicate. The reason is that we seem to have a capacity for delusion and misunderstanding, characteristics or habits that often trump clarity and lead to undue suffering.

  • How often does our vulnerability keep us from expressing either our knowing or our knowledge in the moment?
  • What happens when we fail to question the reality of what we think ‘is’?
  • Why are we shocked at the responses that we get when we react and project onto someone else what we think, suspect or feel?
  • What are the consequences of expressing ourselves in ways that are tonally disgraceful?
  • What is the upshot of being emotionally incomprehensible?
  • What falls apart when we speak when we’re mentally frazzled, fuzzed or confused?
  • How often does our communication sever rather than connect?
  • Have you ever been wounded when someone says something that’s inappropriate to the moment?
  • What are the sounds that wound your spirit?
  • How often do we react, projecting on another what is an internalised assumption?
  • How often do we write and speak in ways that are inconsistent with what we say ‘is’?

Clearly, our challenges as we strive towards conscious compassionate communication are manifold.

Knowing many who’ve changed their birth names, realising that they’d become a mismatch to the person they’ve grown into, it seems to me that it might be helpful to our intent to evolve if a community of positive change agents renamed ourselves. So it was that in imagining the possibilities and potential for my life, our lives and the world we share, I asked myself, what if we dropped the title ‘homo sapiens sapiens’, a name that is a burden, overloaded with vanity’s self-importance and presumption? The sequence denoted in the Mereon Matrix reveals that we are a community of unique humans learning to grow wisdom through speaking with love. I decided to put this string into an English-to-Latin translator, and discovered that our new name, appropriately longer, would be;

‘Hominum dissimilis eruditione proficere sapientia et amore est loqui cum’

It certainly sounds harmonious to my ear.

Can you imagine being a catalyst for an Age of Conscious Compassion that’s been co-created, organised and built with the tools of competence by members of a ‘ReGeneration’?

Can you imagine what your life might be living in an epoch where relational dynamics are determined by the realisation that all life is ‘Family’?

What changes would you experience if ‘relative’ was an absolute statement of belonging?

How often is ‘relative’ that which dictates your degree of caring from one moment to another?

Ask yourself; what’s lost when you abandon love and fail to care, only to learn that your reason was based on a lie?

How often have you learned the truth but decided it was easier to defend your behaviour rather than ask forgiveness and make amends?

How would you feel if a relative, family, friend, acquaintance or stranger cared enough to take care to understand what is, becoming aware of the state of your state of heart and mind before they spoke?

Today may you turn on your inner lights and know what it is to be unitas humanitatis dissimilis cum illuminatur.

[P.S. I clearly reached and overshot my goal of 111 words… 🙂 ]

When? Where?

aug 21 blogMeditating by the water a cool breeze blew this leaf towards me. Both were not-so-subtle reminders that autumn is fast approaching. What was more powerful however was how this decaying leaf, separated from its source of life, refocused my breath with the remembrance of how quickly the seasons and cycles of a lifetime pass. This awareness turned like a key to further open my heart and mind. In the progress it cleared the path to the portal of understanding and carried me over the threshold where compassion was unveiled the imperative became audible, make the invisible visible.

The ‘Why’ for the “What”, positive transformation, is painfully clear.

“How” is through Mindfulness, that which generates benefits that are essential and available to all.

The ‘Who” is you and me, every member of the human family.

Where you are is the “Where”.

This moment is the “When”.

The potential of individuals who are committed to cooperative actions –where benefits expand globally– is for many, unimaginable. Positive change begins with attitude adjustments that improve the internal quality of your life. Such transformation expands into your relationships and extend into your local community.

Do you know that you are worthy?

Do you know that you deserve to live the life you’ve been given?

If the Call to serve was issued today would you have the courage to say yes?

Who in the world would you like to play with?

What will you do for yourself today to make a powerful and positive difference in the lives of those you love knowing that it will affect those you’ve yet to meet and those you will not know in this lifetime?