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How we choose to live works like how we breathe; we inhale, utilize what we take in, and then we exhale. The quality of every choice we make has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. Conscious decisions take us forward even though the destination remains unknown, so too those we take unconsciously, as well as choices that are utterly devoid of conscience, as well as the that opportunities that we abdicate.

When Love is the substance that we consciously inhale, what we are likely to experience is the intrinsic quality of joy, the element essential to foster inner peace. This leads to the capacity to exhale the understanding and compassion that alone generates peace.

Think about the last time you had an emotional reaction of the ‘nuclear’ variety; when our attitudes turn toxic, we inhale fear, this leading to depression and experiences of self-doubt, which in turn erode trust and cause us to exhale terror.

Take care on what you decide today, understanding that what you take in and take through will lead to how you say and do whatever you do.

Dreamshapes and Dreamscapes

May you find the courage within to bring every dream you dare to dream to life, living wholly and fully, becoming all that you are, stardust brought to life.

07 september 2015

A nebula of memories

Last night the changing light in the living room once again drew me to the terrace. While it was the moon rising over Lago Maggiore that called me the night before, this time ‘the call’ came from behind me…

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On or Off?

brainAn email from a friend just reminded me of a fact that everyone needs an occasional reminder about…

It’s this: I am always connected to the Source, but it’s up to me to open the flow and inpower my heart and inlighten my brain. If I’m ‘off’ or sitting in the dark due to a power surge from an overloaded circuit, it’s my responsibility because I’m the one who guarantees the quality of my connections. When a fuse blows it’s my job to replace it as well as repair any frayed wires. I’ve learned to recognize when I’m feeling disconnected, and my first task is to identify where it’s happening; is it physical? Emotional? Cognitive? Or is it spiritual? Regardless of the ‘type’ my time and space is going to suffer because the real reason is going to show up very quickly in my attitudes and reactions.

Living as Light in the Light, or being a cosmic spark, a glowing ember of creation, choosing to exist in the darkness while hiding under a mask or basket is up to you. Choice is a word without meaning unless you turn it into a very band choose. Ignoring or otherwise abdicating a decision and defaulting to indecision is worse than ‘why bother’ coffee. You can co-create and live the life you desire, and believe me, I get that it isn’t always easy to accept, as yes, it often means making hard choices; or you can wallow in self-righteous, holier-than-thou piety or throw a tantrum and call a pity party. Neither are celebrations, and if someone shows up they aren’t going to want to hang around.

Remember that your next breath is a promissory note. Like tomorrow, sharing a kind word, a hug, or receiving and returning a heart-to-heart hug are not givens. This breath is yours to account for, and it’s time to be the one changing your habits and making the choices that let you fulfill the Promise that came with you into this lifetime.

For those of you asking, “What are the Promises the Universe made me?

Only you know. But figuring out what they are and living up to them is the only way to keep the promises that you make.

butterflyAs for me, if you’re reading this on Sunday, May 24th, my lights are blazing as SAS flies me south to my new home base in Switzerland!

A Meta Beyond Metaphor


world in a love knot webMeta: “after”, “beside”, “with”, “among”, “beyond”, “adjacent” and “self”

Metaphor: a figure of speech where a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable

Every day brings a reminder that breathing, an autonomic function, is the Universe offering us another opportunity to welcome ourselves to our lives. Meditation is important to my life, and pausing to take mini-breaks, conscious breaths, over the course of a day is my way to more fully experience life and express gratitude to the Source of creation. Doing so instantly focuses me and in that moment I come to appreciate her willingness to cooperate as I live and evolve on this grand adventure.

The universal Love Knot tied by the Mereon Matrix is more than a metaphor. It is validated as a ‘Meta’, a universal description that charts the emergence of matter and the growth of a living or life-like system. (You are a living system; your relationships are ‘life-like systems.) This simple Pattern has long been my True North and my terrestrial compass but I’m the first to admit that simple in no way means easy. Every challenge arises in my humanness; when in forgetfulness or choosing to ignore leads to my eyes, heart, brain or hands closing. Small wonder that my feet are suddenly stuck. When this happens I too often forget, ignore, or become insensitive, and failing to pay attention forget what I know; that there comes a time when the best thing to do is sit down and shut up.

Lately I’ve been paying attention to the ‘normalized’ triggers that lead to the reactions that only do one thing: get me in trouble. Frankly, I’m pretty weary of the pain that lets me realize that I’ve lost the sense of dynamic balance that lets me hit the only mark worth targeting, love. When responsive, responding to the best of my ability –my response-ability– my eyes, heart, attitudes and spirit are open, and where she leads is inevitably to a truly amazing place.

Today my intent is to remember that living wholly and fully is a consequence of my willingness to remember and allow myself to flow with the arc of grace that eternally carves and clears the narrow middle path.