Continued: Still thinking Big about the Infinitesimal

A reminder of the original impetus for these thoughts: “At the quantum level, reality does not exist if you are not looking at it.”

patterningQuantum mechanics is simply a naming for a metaphor. These two words are a description for an exploration that at the noble end intends to identify the Source, and lead to an understanding about the harmony inherent in the forces that led to life and determine the quality of our lives. At the not-so-noble end these words fit what some are doing to manipulate the small stuff to fit their idea about what ‘Is’ or should be. Clearly, the definition of ‘Is’ need not be scientific. At one end of existential spectrum, life is a wide open investigation that hopefully leads to wisdom and wise actions. However, at the other it’s the Grand Inquisition all over again and as we know too well, it’s likely to result in a gargantuan mess, consequence those who started it weren’t smart enough to imagine.

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In My Mother’s Garden


31.08.2015 new_smallUncurling to Open, for Papa Har

I’ve long lost count of the times I’ve quoted Antoine De Saint Exupery, author of my favourite book, The Little Prince, in my musings, scientific and artistic. While painting this weekend, my hand following my memories as with child-like joy, I wandered through a spring time memory of laying flat on the ground, my macro lens burrowing into her garden, wisdom came to mind in the line, “Only the children know what they are looking for.”

And so it was that I once again painted until my heart was content.

What will you create today? Who might you invite to co-create something wonderful?

Spheres of Influence & Islands of Understanding

Spheres of InfluenceWhile our contextual boundaries are real and must be strong,
paradoxically they’re like bubbles.
Our lives are as sustainable as our bodies, hearts, minds & spirits are penetrable.

We need to be able to stand on our own as we realise that our lives
are lived both in relationship with others & within an expanding Universe.
A lifetime is an engagement in a Cosmic Dance, moving to harmonic jazz
that dynamically centres our being as we spin.
Breathing consciously while we expand and contract
moves us through profound inner progress, the seasons of solitude
that enable us to open and interact as we grow,
our interconnections flowing between tangential, inter-penetrating & back to solo again.

Flexibility & elasticity are essential to the nature of ‘natural’
which is why vulnerability is critical to authenticity.
Without these qualities our bodies, hearts, capacity for thought, & spirits
are susceptible to manipulation & all manner of emotional & mental machination.
When whole individuals merge, ‘islands of understanding’ form
& it is from this space that the potential for something new begins to grow,
inclusive of both and yet infinitely greater.

This is why it is critical to define, develop and evolve over time
what works with you and for you.