Remembering Mom

mom and dadToday would be my Mom’s 85th birthday. I’ll miss her for the rest of my life. This picture was taken in 2005, when she and Papa Har came to Switzerland to spend Christmas with me in Luzern.

How can it be that so much time has passed? I thought of her on my evening walk, thinking how she would have loved Ticino, the southern slopes of the Alps so rich with the Italian culture that she loved exploring in books but sadly, never got to visit…




Contemplation… remembering we are always a child…

Balancing and Reflecting as Self-Centering

happiness dancing and reflectingSeveral days ago while out with friends, watching this beautiful child joyously engage with his reflection, it was crystal clear that he was also paying very close attention to his family! Because my brain naturally sees an inverse perspective, I suddenly became aware how this ‘darkened’ plate of glass would appear as a cubic space, and saw how it was more than a metaphor for the realm that we adults often find ourselves trapped in. It was once again clear to me how often we forget that freedom isn’t about needing to break something down; more often than not the truest breakthroughs in life come from our being willing to simply turn around.

Every day we are given opportunities to turn, and yet so often we over-think and twist our heart and spin our time away, and in our dizziness we are unaware of what has passed us by.

Today and everyday it is your choice to live wholly and fully.

What will you make of this remarkable Chance of a lifetime?

My 1st Nomination for “One Lovely Blog” …

cropped-families-drawing-w-hearts-001Is Jennifer Smith Miller of “Confident parents, Confident kids”. While the reasons are manifold, the first is she has the courage to express self-confidence as a parent and like many others I know that parenting is the last bastion of the amateur! The next reason is that she is placing herself on the front lines in defense of her son and children everywhere, aware that social and emotional intelligence is the key to human survival. And Jennifer, I absolutely love the drawings on your Blog!