We are the music of the stars_copyright 2015 LDennisBehind black is the Meta beyond white…
Behind ‘either or’ is the province of ‘both and’…
Behind information is the knowledge that supports all knowing…
Behind all good is the Field beyond every evil…

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Turning on your Inner lights

winter solstice

Today as we celebrate the Solstice, the Sun turning to make its return to the Northern Hemisphere, my recent experiences combined with too many headlines in the day’s not-new-news, call to the awareness the words and wisdom of Lynn Margulis who said;

“To me, the human move to take responsibility for the Living Earth is laughable– the rhetoric of the powerless. The planet takes care of us, not we of it. Our self-inflated moral imperative to guide a wayward Earth, or heal our sick planet is evidence of our immense capacity for self-delusion. Rather we need to protect ourselves from ourselves.”

The challenge is that such protection begins with healing ourselves. All teachers who have ever taught of Love, light and relationships have know that we can only love others to the degree that we are willing and able to consciously love and care for ourselves.

Please take a moment to visit and consider the scientific logic that is the foundation for these thoughts. What you will find here is the location of your inner light switch. Better still is that you’ll discover the ‘technology’ that disconnects the dimmer switch and other buttons that others love to push…

Joy and the warmth of inner light to you this cold December day.

Learning and relearning from the banality of life

Let me open my observations and thoughts with an artistic expression (literally) of ‘Grace and Gratitude’. The reason, soon obvious, is that today found me on an unanticipated investigation of ‘ends’. It led to the remembrance of a challenge that was issued years ago by a man who used all of his brilliance to argue –in vain– against my ability to find metaphors for living in everyday life. He put an exclamation mark on his point in proposing it ‘ludicrous’ that such comparisons might in any way be linked to the sequential process that’s generated by the Mereon Matrix.grace and gratitude

Today, in the most banal of moments, tugging to extract the last square of toilet paper off the roll, funny metaphor for life was found. Plucking the final sheet stuck to the core, it was obvious that a new brand of TP had recently been purchased. The reason was that where I usually find a dingy grey cardboard tube that immediately gets tossed in the bin, today I beheld a brilliant white cylinder. But it was imprinted with a message insisting that not only was it recyclable, it could be flushed down the loo. Well, given that older homes are known to have sensitive systems, I seriously doubted that this was a reasonable thing to do, so instead I conducted an experiment.

Here’s the empty tube standing on the corner of my desk. As you can see it’s quite firm even though it’s hollow.

metaphors 1Next, I placed it in a container, a bowl, to get ready to experiment using a small container of water. Notice that I’ve already let a few drops fall; look carefully and you’ll see that the text where they hit is blurring.


But look what happens with adding .5 deciliter, that’s less than 2 ounces to North American readers!

tp final

It’s a soppy, soggy, and very easily flushable mess.

Let me pose the metaphorical observations in the form of rhetorical questions, queries that most of us have experienced and know too well as real and true.

  • Have you ever known someone or experienced something that seemed firm but when the useful truth was unraveled you found yourself left with something hollow?
  • Has an emotional cataclysm ever led to the absolute breakdown of something that felt sure and looked solid?
  • What happened the last time you reacted and expressed what was going on inside your head in a way that was emotionally inappropriate, contrary to consciousness never mind, love?
  • How often do you immediately regret dumping such a reaction on someone you care for?
  • How do you and others suffer when respect, like, love, and trust are trumped by anger?
  • Have you ever gotten pissed off and communicated in a way that turned a once healthy relationship into ‘relationshit’?
  • Have you ever experience life as rolling along, a meaningful relationship growing through the ins and outs, unfolding and flowing, only to suddenly come to a reasonable ending that felt like The End?
  • Even when you knew change was coming, the end of a roll or the end of a role, have you suddenly found yourself faced with a message that you didn’t expect?
  • What happens when pooling tears blur your vision or obscure your values?
  • Has something that once felt whole ever been rendered to mush in an instant?
  • What happens to your body when your spiritual, temporal, mental or emotional support systems dissolve?

Don’t confuse an ending point with a stopping point. A determinate moment need not become a terminal. When we come to an end, be it a line, a role, or a road or a roll of toilet paper, it’s time for a change, an opportunity to renew and yes, sometimes replace.

From my perspective, in light of Eternity Love, Compassion and Justice are the only things that matter. Upholding freedom, they are solid and true, and won’t melt in our tears. Today, make time to celebrate love remembering that is our forgetting that causes anger and leads to watershed moments that flush health, joy, humour, beauty, time and spirit down the cosmic loo.