29 september 2015 diablogueRemember that what happens in your life happens to you, and it isn’t necessarily about you. What you make of what ‘was’ reveal the qualities of your spirit, and it is this that defines the quality of your lifetime.

Make gratitude your Number 1 attitude and change instantly becomes transformation!

Not all light illumines

Atlanta lightningA huge thunderstorm has been raging outside my hotel in Atlanta for the last hour, literally vibrating the room. It’s was a reminder about how loud, angry, opinionated commentaries separate, the inability to hear keeping us from being able to see true light. No doubt like you, I’ve learned that when anger causes tongues to blaze like the Furies, my heart goes deaf and it’s impossible to hear my own thoughts. What that means is that it’s time to take cover and do whatever must be done to stay safe, as words can often turn to injury.

Love is a universal truth. When know we’re heard, our inner light comes back on and illumines the moment without searing our essence. You deserve to be heard, understood and loved.

Doubt, Depression and Expectations

The hardest thing about sorrow, self-doubt, anger and depression is how while these very real feelings may well be rooted in rock-solid reasons, they resist or deny reasoning. Sometimes such emotions are best ‘suffered’ in near silence, letting your spirit cry and whisper with one you trust rather than emoting in ways that cause others pain.

You won’t drown in your tears. The fear that you won’t be able to stop, or make yourself stop isn’t true.

There is a time for anger. Just take care not to impale your soul or wound the heart of another with rage.