Drop > Ripples > Wave > Tsunami


How we choose to live works like how we breathe; we inhale, utilize what we take in, and then we exhale. The quality of every choice we make has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. Conscious decisions take us forward even though the destination remains unknown, so too those we take unconsciously, as well as choices that are utterly devoid of conscience, as well as the that opportunities that we abdicate.

When Love is the substance that we consciously inhale, what we are likely to experience is the intrinsic quality of joy, the element essential to foster inner peace. This leads to the capacity to exhale the understanding and compassion that alone generates peace.

Think about the last time you had an emotional reaction of the ‘nuclear’ variety; when our attitudes turn toxic, we inhale fear, this leading to depression and experiences of self-doubt, which in turn erode trust and cause us to exhale terror.

Take care on what you decide today, understanding that what you take in and take through will lead to how you say and do whatever you do.

Doubt, Depression and Expectations

The hardest thing about sorrow, self-doubt, anger and depression is how while these very real feelings may well be rooted in rock-solid reasons, they resist or deny reasoning. Sometimes such emotions are best ‘suffered’ in near silence, letting your spirit cry and whisper with one you trust rather than emoting in ways that cause others pain.

You won’t drown in your tears. The fear that you won’t be able to stop, or make yourself stop isn’t true.

There is a time for anger. Just take care not to impale your soul or wound the heart of another with rage.