Making Memories and Planning Plan Be

regent 1Tuesday was a gorgeous autumn day in London and a dear friend and I spent the entire afternoon walking through Regent’s Park celebrating as we conspired with the Universe about how we will make a positive difference in the world. The dialogue was non-stop, as richly textured as the beauty of this spectacular open space in the central London… Continue reading Making Memories and Planning Plan Be

My 1st Nomination for “One Lovely Blog” …

cropped-families-drawing-w-hearts-001Is Jennifer Smith Miller of “Confident parents, Confident kids”. While the reasons are manifold, the first is she has the courage to express self-confidence as a parent and like many others I know that parenting is the last bastion of the amateur! The next reason is that she is placing herself on the front lines in defense of her son and children everywhere, aware that social and emotional intelligence is the key to human survival. And Jennifer, I absolutely love the drawings on your Blog!


Time for a positive response to the education crisis

stresaReading the news this morning this headline made me weep, every tear catalysing my commitment to the transformation of education through the simple project known as BeLonging.

And then I turned to the BBC and… Continue reading Time for a positive response to the education crisis

Education as a Field of BeLonging

educationTeachers are the unsung heroes of the planet for today they hold the hand of the children, our Future.

“What TeamPlay Ground and the BeLonging project has become in our community is almost unimaginable. We are proof that education is the soul of planetary sustainability, BeLonging quickly teaching us to recognize the difference between natural and normal.”  (2006)

-Dr. Alessio Morassut, Superintendent of elementary schools, Mirano, Venice, Italy

Since 1987 the meta behind the Purpose known as the Mereon Matrix has been ‘The Children’. In 2003, the first education project, TeamPlayGround, was developed and has been implemented in schools as a classroom management protocol. To implement this programme in a classroom does not require permission for it doesn’t impinge on the formal/academic dimension of the learning environment. It supports it by allowing the children to accept responsibility for their social dimension. Not only do they begin to love learning, they learn to lead. This is true progress, a major step in transformation as kids learn to think for themselves and as a group to innovate and co-create shared experiences.

It was nominated for the 2007 Copenhagen Index Award, recognized and honoured as “A project benefiting an entire community.”  It was a finalist.

Now starting its 11th year, the results have generated more than hope for the Future. If you are committed to lifelong learning and the transformation of education, please visit our websites to learn more about how you can help expand the BeLonging Project into your community, country and the world.

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