Lighten Up!

laughing outloudRealationships…

Where you lighten up, and…

  • Experience being sheltered and protected, no longer feeling any need to hide.. .
  • Understand that you are accountable without someone creating undue anxiety…
  • Know that ‘deserving’ is essential to fully serving…
  • Feel lovingly nurtured without being ‘mothered’… and
  • You are free to care without being ‘Mother’. . .

On or Off?

brainAn email from a friend just reminded me of a fact that everyone needs an occasional reminder about…

It’s this: I am always connected to the Source, but it’s up to me to open the flow and inpower my heart and inlighten my brain. If I’m ‘off’ or sitting in the dark due to a power surge from an overloaded circuit, it’s my responsibility because I’m the one who guarantees the quality of my connections. When a fuse blows it’s my job to replace it as well as repair any frayed wires. I’ve learned to recognize when I’m feeling disconnected, and my first task is to identify where it’s happening; is it physical? Emotional? Cognitive? Or is it spiritual? Regardless of the ‘type’ my time and space is going to suffer because the real reason is going to show up very quickly in my attitudes and reactions.

Living as Light in the Light, or being a cosmic spark, a glowing ember of creation, choosing to exist in the darkness while hiding under a mask or basket is up to you. Choice is a word without meaning unless you turn it into a very band choose. Ignoring or otherwise abdicating a decision and defaulting to indecision is worse than ‘why bother’ coffee. You can co-create and live the life you desire, and believe me, I get that it isn’t always easy to accept, as yes, it often means making hard choices; or you can wallow in self-righteous, holier-than-thou piety or throw a tantrum and call a pity party. Neither are celebrations, and if someone shows up they aren’t going to want to hang around.

Remember that your next breath is a promissory note. Like tomorrow, sharing a kind word, a hug, or receiving and returning a heart-to-heart hug are not givens. This breath is yours to account for, and it’s time to be the one changing your habits and making the choices that let you fulfill the Promise that came with you into this lifetime.

For those of you asking, “What are the Promises the Universe made me?

Only you know. But figuring out what they are and living up to them is the only way to keep the promises that you make.

butterflyAs for me, if you’re reading this on Sunday, May 24th, my lights are blazing as SAS flies me south to my new home base in Switzerland!


cords and connections

I don’t know about you, but its frustrating when a tangle of cords gets in my way, and only when something goes seriously awry do I crawl under my desk and begin the task of disentanglement, attempting to figure out what’s gone wrong.

Yesterday, however, someone in the neighbourhood accidentally severed a cable and left me, and an untold number of others, without an Internet connection for more than 8 hours. While the impact on a large business that relies on this connection might have been significant, my loss was limited to missing two scheduled conference calls. The problem and the lesson were found in the fact that I use web-mail and the relevant connecting information was in an email. Unable to retrieve it meant that even going old school was impossible because without the phone number I couldn’t call or send an SMS. Even though ‘present’, conditions beyond my control prevented me from keeping a promise, and two friends experienced my not being available after I said I would be.

Everything is Interconnected. Every relationship is dependent upon a series of inner and inter-connections. What we too often forget is that our ability to connect with another is depends upon our willingness to make sure that we’ve established a link between our inner realities, honouring every piece of self, body, heart, mind and spirit. The cut cable was an opportunity to embrace the silence. Emerging from that meditative space, my spirit began to whisper a flurry of questions, remembering experiences,yes, shocks, when I managed to convince myself that plugging into an energy that I’m not wired for was a good idea. To understand what I’m talking about, simply imagine a 2-year old toddling towards a light socket’ with a fork in hand saying “What’s that?”

Knowing I’m not terminally unique, here are a few of the questions my spirit put to my brain and heart:

  • Why do you suffer an ‘inpowerment’ failure when there’s an external cause beyond your control that short circuits your communication with someone you love?
  • “How often do you offer an excuse to account for your absence?”
  • “What goes on inside of you when someone doesn’t do what they’ve said they’re going to do?”
  • “Do you believe the best or assume the worst?”
  • “How often do you offer a compromise when you’ve broken a promise?”
  • “How did you feel when someone shattered a vow?”
  • “When happens to your inner world when you’re speaking and someone interrupts and rudely cuts you off?”
  • “What happens in your body and heart when your head says someone’s blown you off or is shining you on?”

Make it a great day and remember that fun is the first part of ‘fundamental’ when you consciously connect your inner realities and make sure there’s time and space for your body, heart, mind and spirit to cooperate and participate wholly and fully in love.