The Joy Juice

5For me, the ultimate gift of life has nothing to do with $ecurity, nor is it in any way related to having or needing anything more, something bigger or better. After awaking to realise that I have been gifted yet another day, the treasure I give myself is the freedom to walk in the world, receiving and returning love freely from the inner space of authenticitity.

May you join me this day in experiencing and articulating inside and out:

In love’s embrace, I am loved.

I am well, and truly blessed.

Within this overflow, I am the BeLoved,
joyously free to embrace and love another.

Part II of ?: Whole Quantum bits defining a Realationship

Still working on the article on Quantum Mechanics and how it relates to our lives, this morning an email dropped in from a dear friend asking about the BeLonging Project and the 3-day programme for teachers. The following flew out the ends of my fingers… Continue reading Part II of ?: Whole Quantum bits defining a Realationship

True Time and Temporal Distortions

For those I Love, inspired by and for my Friend, Harlon Davey

rain on the train 13 aug 2015 blogTravelling by train from Locarno to Luzern the other day, speed and the pouring rain created the most amazing images on and out my window. Shifting my focus from inside to out gave birth to a river of shifting ‘dreamscapes’ and landscapes
that continue to catalyse thoughts that even now are growing into an awareness that time is etching a new chapter in my life.

You are loved my friend, your presence in every moment we share a conclusion in my life. Each word and step we make or imagine together is an arrival point, friendship exceed-ingly beyond the illusion of a supposed destination.

Grace is how and why I believe in you. It allows me to want the best for you with no need of needing something from you.

I am celebrating that we are Creation’s loving intention, and that we can make best choices without the fear of messing up and living on our knees begging others for second chances that they don’t have the power to offer.

An incarnation in Time and Space is a divine opportunity. Thriving in a Universe that is eternally birthed in paradox, a world where We are the solution and what We force is the source of every problem, is our task.

The realisation that We are the Love that makes Our world whole, cuts the umbilical cord to fear and the Flow begins.

When We become the Juice, the true sweet star-stuff, the font of greed dries up and the grand delusions that spin all illusions are blown away on the eternal winds of change.

We are good enough.

WE are as good as We are together.

Openness gives us the courage to live our lives, accepting the Invitation when others toss flowers, thinking that without them we’re in a grave state. Fleeting, flickering moments of emotional dying are as delusional as the grandest delusion, death.

When every ‘I’ celebrates every ME, the World flips. And on the Day when the very royal WE turns around We will look through the eyes of Love and see a re-visioned world, Beauty beyond what most currently dare dream or imagine.

It’s time to bring our BIG dreams to life as we courageously live the largess of Love.

The Flow of Passion and Purpose

The Flow of Passion and PurposeWe are independent products of the unity that is Space and Time, yet we are inseparable from it.

It is our responsibility and the right of a lifetime to reconnect inside and out, flowing with the coherent Pattern that links them. This Pattern is the ultimate Love Knot that defines our lifetime and our lifeline. It is our inner connection, and interconnects us with that which is inaudible and audible, invisible and visible

What connections would you like to make today?

Life is too short and too long to let any excuse or anything get in the way of your doing so!

Can 2 become 1?

Yesterday’s post accomplished its purpose, catalysing questions regarding the nature of the spiral and it’s relationship to Love. Was it a riddle about how a right hand and a left hand can become one?

No… Okay… well, maybe. Let’s start with Newton’s 3rd law about pairs which says  “for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

Let’s consider a right-hand spiral and a left-handed spiral, opposites for sure.

23 july 2015 diablogueHow do we resolve differences in order to grow in the same direction? Is unity, true union and reunion possible?

knotted spirals c

Pick any point as a starting place and grow in one direction, and you will soon discover that Love has led you back to where you began.

What is this telling you? What was the first thought that came to conscious awareness?