29 september 2015 diablogueRemember that what happens in your life happens to you, and it isn’t necessarily about you. What you make of what ‘was’ reveal the qualities of your spirit, and it is this that defines the quality of your lifetime.

Make gratitude your Number 1 attitude and change instantly becomes transformation!

Living the Quest or the questioning

there comes a timeAnd of course the ‘kicker’ in living our best answer is knowing when that answer is no longer valid. This is when we have to find the courage to take the time we need to ask the question again or find the new question. In this we are free to rediscover, speak and live our renewed answer.

Seasons and Cycles

Today as Mother Earth continues her pirouette, in the North we are counting down the remaining days of Autumn (as the kids ridiculously mark the calendar, already naming the number of sleeps until Christmas). In the South friends are shedding layers, watching as the verdant greens of Spring transform into the muted tones of Summer.

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