The Joy of Turning

Several months ago my priorities had to be rearranged, and writing disappeared from my daily ‘get-to-do’ list. Finally, it’s time to ‘speak’ once again, and share what’s happening in  the world I am privileged to share with so many amazing people.

The last few months have been catalytic, with many changes inside and out. This picture captures the essence of the joy that awaits me each morning during my daily hour swim in the sea, the waves I swim through spinning all of us around to once again greet the morning sun.

Everyday I’m reminded that rising to meet the Sun and  watching from the sea as Mother Earth spins us into her life, and spirals us away from its influence 12 hours later, is a gift to be opened and appreciated, never taken for granted.

While the old saying “Don’t sweat the small stuff, and remember that everything is small stuff.” is true, what’s far truer for me is how important it is to appreciate the small stuff, realising so often how it is that what seems small and insignificant is often essential to our lives, and the quality of our lives.

Who or what do you appreciate today?2016-09-09 08.06.27.jpg

09 September 2016, Marbella, Spain


29 september 2015 diablogueRemember that what happens in your life happens to you, and it isn’t necessarily about you. What you make of what ‘was’ reveal the qualities of your spirit, and it is this that defines the quality of your lifetime.

Make gratitude your Number 1 attitude and change instantly becomes transformation!

Attitudes and Gratitude

This morning while thinking about the depth of my gratitude for my family and Family of friends, those who share in every aspect of my life and Purpose, my mind wandered into the open field of Understanding. Once again it was a refreshing time to pause and contemplate how in this domain of the heart the wildflowers of acceptance to be perennials.

gratitudeNot surprisingly, this contemplative moment led to reconsidering the notion of tolerance. With it came the memories of the times when a smiling face masked a closed mind; when fancy clothes and jewels were used to hide a walled and padlocked heart; and when a supposedly relaxed posture, arms simply tucked behind one’s back, was revealed to be a pose that hid clenched fists.

Voltaire, one of my favourite philosphers and advocates of freedom, asked “What is tolerance?” And them immediately answered his own question, saying “It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly – that is the first law of nature.

Today may we forgive ourselves, and then ask another for forgiveness. In doing so we will open the Flow of gratitude that leads to understanding and true acceptance, the Source of actions that lead to positive change.