Moon Shadow InPowering InLightenment

_IGP0070Every single breath is an opportunity to Discover Your Youniverse, every moment a chance to live ‘Plan Be’, making best choices in the moment without being attached to a particular outcome, this always the seed of pain.

Our lives are interconnected at unimaginable levels, and each of our concurrent realities reveals the unique way that we are active and whole participants in a deeply unified multiverse. Join me in remembering that ideas in our heads, and those that we imagine as being inked on paper –like these– are simply cosmic post-a-notes. For me every entry into the DiaBLOGue is a short love letter. They are intended to serve as reminders to myself and anyone who finds them meaningful, that living in Love is the illuminated progress we make in our journey towards the illusion of dying.

Take care not to carve any idea in stone, and please don’t hide them inside your head or heart! Why? Because being human means both these organs slam shut on a regular basis. When you find a thought or an idea meaningful, write it down as a ‘memos-to-self’. Put it some place where it’s visible so that when you need inspiration it’s available! And take care to remember that what you find something personally meaningful, its most often because it is a reflection of a universal truth. Pass it on! Such golden nuggets carry wisdom that can help all of us change our minds and behaviour. The important thing to remember is that we must do so as often as necessary based on what truly matters to you.

Well-being means making sure your day has gaps, empty spaces where you can take time for yourself. As the total eclipse happens tomorrow, lighten up and make new decisions that let you grow in grace and gratitude! Take time to write down your dreams to that you can share them with others who are called to help you bring them to light. Every day is a new day for you to become the true author of your life story, and yes, it may well include authorising revisions! This evening I leave to travel south into the western desert where I’ll be meditating with my Tribe for 3-days. Join us from wherever you are as you observe in real space or the Mind’s eye as we participate in the awe and wonder of creation as a sliver of the Moon shadow slips across the Sun over our heads. I look forward to sharing what will no doubt be an amazing adventure, Advent-tour, when we return to Tel Aviv on Sunday.

What if…

what if

If a single tone was heard and it instantly made the deepest thought racing through your brain visible, and painted a picture –in minute detail– of the truest emotion you have ever experienced, what would you do? What would those closest to you see? What would everyone in your world know to be true about you? Would these images match what you say about your feelings? Would they be coherent with the purpose you profess to live?

In 2012, we, the Principle Investigators of the Mereon Matrix, began working with John Stuart Reid using the CymaScope in our research. One day the decision was made to investigate if this technology could demonstrate a pattern match that would connect the Mereon Matrix and the stethoscopic sounds of a human heart.

Why? Because for 27-years I’d been insisting that by bringing this heartfelt Pattern of Love to conscious awareness through my emotional body that my brain had healed. Ongoing experiences and every thought continued to awaken this ‘knowing’ in my cells and over time I knew with all my body, heart, mind and spirit that the Mereon Matrix was the blueprint of Consciousness. For decades every piece of my artwork reflected this sense.

That day, one cymatic test would either validate my awareness as knowledge or it would disprove the understanding I felt I’d gleaned from my experiences. For years I’d promised that the first time I was incorrect about the Matrix, I’d quit and go Home. The sound files were loaded and we gathered around the machine to watch as the sound was injected into the small cell.

Click here to watch the video, and when you’ve finished, please pass it on.

The Gift of Reflected Light

torus Only when you know that you deserve are you free to truly serve.

What do you have the courage to consider accepting today?

Will it lighten your body or weigh it down?
Does its spark have the power to ignite your heart?
Will it call forth thoughts that lift, connect and transform how you think?
Will in spin through your inner world to link north and south with east and west?
How will it make today count in light of Eternity?
Will it kindle authenticity and uplift your spirit?

That which is noble transforms your life and radiates from inside out.

How will you be a sphere of inspiration today?

This photograph is a torus of light; the echo of a resonant pulse that became visible
as a beam of light was reflected through a crystal glass filled with water as a rhythmic pattern of sound was added. The ring-pattern shown here, captured in space and time,
is a pattern match to those blown by dolphins as they emit sonar frequencies in the sea; the hole in the centre, think a bagel or doughnut, is the vortex that most recognise as the dynamics in Doppler radar (scroll down to ‘Velocity’ for an image that may surprise you),
a forest fire, a hurricane or a the powerful funnel of a tornado.