Sounds and faces on The Path

20 january 2016Where will you walk today?

Who will you invite to walk beside you?

Will someone you encounter see something in your face or tone of voice that makes them smile or even want to turn around?

Think about how it is that our mere presence on the Path of Life takes us to new spaces that inspire our spirit. Find something today that gives you the strength to walk towards a place of understanding.

You never know who might follow.

Losing, finding and facing losing again…

mouseNine very long weeks ago, my cat, Ms. Mouse, took a flying leap off the 3rd floor terrace of my atelier in Minusio, the 4th floor to those in North America, and began what was surely a feline, Swiss adventure.

Last Friday, after two-days of cold rain, conditions she loathes, she finally decided it was time to come home, and presented herself at my neighbours door.

How grateful I am to all my neighbours, Frau Bernhard, Evelyn, and Regula, for knowing who she was and where she belonged! Special thanks to Regula who put out food and her litterbox and left her home open inside and out 24/7 until Mouse came inside!

It was a paradoxical weekend; it was lovely to experience snuggling and cuddling with Ms. Mouse who had never before tolerated such behaviour! It made it very clear how she had cultivated new tolerances and learned new survival skills on her outing. What was sad was how my once 4-kilo kitty was a feather, her weight under a kilo, as neither food nor water would stay down.

Yesterday morning we headed off to her vet, Dr. Balli, who quickly told me to go home and call him in the morning, warning me that she might have liver or kidney damage. If this turned out to be true, it would mean her adventure, the one called a lifetime, would be over in the morning.

The realisation that I might actually lose her permanently was hideously painful, and led to confronting the stark realities that accompany good things, her return, when they can so quickly slip passed and out of our grasp. Calling it an early night, the hours were long and fitful as I tossed and turned reflecting –thinking and feeling– on the pain that comes with losing someone we love or something we value. The darkness sent me back to the moment of light in the dim cellar when Ms. Mouse immediately responded with her mouse-like squeek when I called her name! Clearly, she felt the joy of being found. as I experienced the wonder and love of finding her once again.

Then, once again the awareness of the truth about how pain is the consequence of being attached to an outcome, I unclenched my fists, opened my heart and surrendered my fear, and as my spirit took flight, I finally slept.

Dr. Balli just called with great news. Ms. Mouse is remarkably strong and all her functions are normal, so after one more day in the clinic with IV food and water, she can come home tomorrow!

Today and every day my intent remains to live my life well and truly, doing so in a state of Grand anticipation that is devoid of false expectation [premeditated resentment] to the best of my human ability!

Part II: Building Solid Rainbow Bridges

stormLast night around midnight a knock-down, drag out duel between storms began to rage as fronts rolled down the Alps from North, South, East and West, met over Lago Maggiore. It roared all night and continues this morning! in every way this remarkable demonstration of power feels like a set up for Part II, the continuation of yesterday’s thoughts!

My ‘High Play’, not to be confused with ‘work’ as it has been my joyous Purpose for the past 28-years, is inviting others to join into the investigation as we seek to understand and apply the complex clockwork we know today as the Mereon Matrix. A dance between water and light, this journey began with an invitation to scientists and scholars to help demonstrate that it didn’t work as I described. This systematic approach for ‘proofs’ is the rigorous methodology known as ‘scientific method’, the antithesis of ‘proving’, which more often than not is someone’s need to be right or make someone else wrong.

The purpose and focus of such an investigation is to logically determine whether or not a pattern match can be found between a theoretical model –an idea or a dynamic template– and what we think ‘is’ –a fact, known belief, or assumption. It is the quest to logically link meaning with that which is observable and measurable. If and when the veracity of such a template is verified, the real work, the task of deepening the match to see if it holds true in diverse systems at both the macro and micro level. This challenge is put to all prior and present assumptions.

Monday night before leaving Israel for Switzerland, I had my final ‘lesson’ with Isaac, my teacher during this visit. celebrating this class with my friends Moshe and Natalie. His brain as open as his heart is curious, compassionate and loving, Isaac’s spirit soars when asked a question, and what flows from him is deep wisdom. Within an hour the knowing that our bond was true, led to a mutual dose of grace that allowed us to willingly embrace dual role, both teachers and students. The bonds that braided our connection were strong; beginning with art; the second strand was resonance with the final ribbon in the tapestry we wove ancient wisdom. Our text book was the ‘Sepher Yetzirah’, which Wikipedia summarizes as:

“Sefer Yetzirah (Hebrew, Sēpher Yəṣîrâh “Book of Formation,” or “Book of Creation,” ספר יצירה), is the title of the earliest extant book on Jewish esotericism, although some early commentators treated it as a treatise on mathematical and linguistic theory as opposed to Kabbalah. “Yetzirah” is more literally translated as “Formation”; the word “Briah” is used for “Creation”. The book is traditionally ascribed to the patriarch Abraham, while modern scholars haven’t reached consensus on the question of its origins.”

That night Isaac gave me his copy of Arie Kaplan’s commentary on this book, the task he assigned; to see if I could find a pattern match between the Mereon Matrix and this tiny book that only has 1200 words. While countless commentaries have been written, the Sepher Yetzirah has mystified mystics and scholars since its inception.

Humbled, I took his mandate to heart, my first mistake to start reading the book that first night at midnight! The coherence found in the first two words, 1 + 32 a hint for those who understand Mereon, made this the first of many sleepless nights. That night Isaac gave me the task to see if I could find a pattern match between the Mereon Matrix, and this tiny book that only has 1200 words. Humbled, I took his mandate to heart, my first mistake to start reading the book that first night at midnight! The coherence found in the first two words, 1 + 32 a hint for those who understand Mereon, made this the first of many sleepless nights.

At our second appointment the following day, after showing him what I’d found, we quickly agreed that there was indeed a match. Over the coming weeks as the jigsaw pieces began to fall into place, it was clear why we were able to identify the match: we had what has long been missing, the one thing needed to put the pieces together: the picture on the box!

After ‘school’ the night before I left, we celebrated the evening with their son and his family, overeating an amazing dinner prepared by Isaac’s wife, Dvorah, a true sister of my heart who was always with us as we explored. An American by birth, because English is her Mother tongue it came as no surprise how she often got what I was saying before Isaac, whose first language is French.

When dinner was over, Isaac left the table and called me into the kitchen where he presented me with a gift; the original painting you see below.

Promise without compromiseIt was one of those moments when words fail and tears fall. The hardest part of that moment was that as an orthodox Jew, Isaac is a ‘hug free zone’!

However, what makes this rule so profound and easy to accept is the understanding that this too, is a perfect match for Mereon! In the Matrix the core, the nucleus, is the masculine principle. It is a dynamic diamond that transforms, shape-shifting from ‘fire to water’ as it produces the energetic seeds necessary to stabilise and organise the potential for life. Surrounded by a water world, this, the feminine principle of creation, the abundance produced by their individual resonance, both whole and simple, is the New Psalm, that which is generated by their interaction and realized in the birth of the knotted rainbow we know as the Mereon Trefoil Knot. What their Dance is produces continuously fills the Universe with the inaudible Song that is produced by arcing angles, sound that produce an infinite array of massive light.

In leaving Israel the intent was clear; to return again. Our mutual intent was and remains clear to keep a promise we made on that the final evening; many more dialogues are to follow!

What if we can play this song of knothingness? What if we can make the inaudible audible? If we hear it what might we do? If we can see it in ourselves and others how might our lives change?

If those who can decide to work in agreement will play together, consciously cooperating with Love, we can harness this energy. When we do so our lives will overflow with the Love borne only of the Source, the heart of creation.

Every breath you take is a demonstration of the power to generate and regenerate the potential you need to make choices that will heal your body; mend your wounded heart; replace your negative attitudes with life affirming values; changing your negative habits into those that free your spirit to join in a truly Wholly reunion.

Clearly humanity is approaching one many “Now or Never” opportunities. What we do with the knowledge we’ve been given is up to all of us. Just as Noah sent a pigeon out to see if the waters were withdrawing, these questions are my ‘pigeon’, sent to you as an open invitation.

Will you return? Will you return with a branch that affirms the tree of life is growing?
We’d love to hear from you, and invite you to stay in touch as there is a groundswell of energy moving that has has the power to change our lives and as Dr. Kenneth Ring long ago suggested, to change the world. We’ll soon be sharing exciting updates on how this New Song will be seen and echoed around the world, and how you can participate