Glowing with the Flow

pool of lightMonths of travel, covering thousands of kilometers by air, and hundreds more by train and car, is a soul refining opportunity. Now able to be still for a few days, finds my heart and spirit overflowing with gratitude for a remarkable stream of ‘reunions’ with open-hearted individuals who are committed to using their talents to make positive differences in the world we are so privileged to share.

We receive gifts and leave ‘pieces’ of ourselves wherever we go, our intent imprinting on all we touch.

Be gentle with yourself, and others.

The HeART of every New Day

fingerpaintingA day without intentionally putting a paintbrush in the hand of my inner 5-year old is a day that my grown-up self suffers. Dilettante though I be, it is through art that it becomes clear to me that intimacy is pausing to look deeply into time to see what’s possible. From there comes the light of realisation that every day is an easel, and the return of the dawn’s light magically places a fresh canvas before us.

Our choices are the palette, and we create our life with our words, eyes, hearts and hands.

Paint your day using a rainbow-hued array of watercolors, playing until your heart is content. Do so with full awareness that the Love creating Eternity is the frame for your masterpiece and your community is your gallery, and miracles become ordinaries.

A nebula of memories

Last night the changing light in the living room once again drew me to the terrace. While it was the moon rising over Lago Maggiore that called me the night before, this time ‘the call’ came from behind me…

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Living the Quest or the questioning

there comes a timeAnd of course the ‘kicker’ in living our best answer is knowing when that answer is no longer valid. This is when we have to find the courage to take the time we need to ask the question again or find the new question. In this we are free to rediscover, speak and live our renewed answer.