Learning: Stardust Stirring for Sustainability


We need your help. We mere mortals hold the essence of life in our hands; water, light and the Children who will soon inherit this responsibility. Tragically, too many are opting out, abdicating rather than accepting a legacy they see no possible way of dealing with.

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Rocks, knocking on wood and writing on paperless pages

madonna del sassoToday I am grateful for those of you who so generously write to me, sharing how words etched on paperless pages are meaningful. Please know that the method behind what your find meaningful, the Logic of Love defined by the Mereon Matrix, is what leads to measurable results. This Love and loving friends have nurtured and sustained me for 28-years, and is more than enough to keep me going until its time to go Home. Even so, just about every day I find myself asking if keeping my promise to write really makes a positive difference, especially when it’s only my self-imposed minimum of 111 words. Living and growing in the Flow requires me to consciously realise that words are not being carved in stone, rather, that the Source of Love is my reason for living, and loving is my dynamic cornerstone. Furthermore, my promise includes remembering that nothing and everything I write about isn’t about me but absolutely includes me. Thank you again for the encouragement that keeps tenacity alive and well.

For weeks my love of geometry, and respect for all things ‘sacred’ has been tugging at my heart and brain. The magnet was Madonna del Sasso, the Franciscan pilgrimage church constructed in 1487 above Locarno. While I could ‘wow’ you with amazing images of the inside, grand spaces, ceilings, and nooks and crannies that are rich with colours and forms, my choice is simply to offer instead this combined image of its stone floors and wooden doors and thoughts that arose in response to these elements.

Descending the stairs, hearing prayers, and watching people kneel drove home how sad it is that so many spend way so much time nag, nag, nagging on Heavens door, begging for a sign that Someone’s watching and is willing to give them a personal token of approval. Whether you profess a faith or not, taking time out to visit sacred spaces, especially one’s such as this, a cathedral built atop a spectacular outcropping of stone, are well worth the physical, emotional and mental challenges. Madonna del Sasso offers views that send your spirit soaring into the heavens. Gazing out over Lago Maggiore to alpine peaks and into wild deep valleys, I was reminded once more of Nature’s complex beauty and simple harmony, a paradox resolved that we often don’t pause long enough to fully appreciate. However, the solitude awaiting discovery inside places intentionally carved for this purpose, treasures found not in the building but in yourself, is what the experience is all about.

Serenity is rarely found in the frantic rushing pace so many of us keep. Fewer still experience it on a daily basis, unaware that it rides beside every breath. Too often, life is a relentless competition and we wake up on death’s door to find we’ve gone nowhere in a soulless quest for more, bigger and better that is about to disappear. Losing sight of the fact that we are merely stardust, and confusing material stuff as anything lasting and true is the fastest way I know to sicken the body, damage the heart, and stress the brain. All it accomplishes is the waste of a precious gift, a lifetime.

Thinking about sustainability my heart no longer defaults to ‘green’; instead it instantaneously flows and grows with that which is evergreen. Considering what has the power to endure change and change, perhaps you are willing to ask yourself the questions I ask myself on a daily basis about how to connect this moment with the eternal next…

  1. What will remain of my life when I have departed this life?
  2. When my ears no longer perceive the vibrations of this life, will others even notice that I am gone?
  3. When my feet no longer walk on the stones and my bones are reduced to ashes, will my dust be used as mortar to keep the Presence of Love on Earth?
  4. When my eyes have closed to this life what parts of my vision will remain for others to see?
  5. What am I doing with my life that will put bookmarks in space, milestones in time that can help guide those who follow?

When you love who you are, you are free to be and choose to love what and who you love. Better still is that such loving insures that you and what you do truly matter in light of eternity.

Light and Dark II: Relational Round-Abouts, Caves and Dead-Ends

Yesterday a dear friend responded to the Dia.BLOG.ue, the post entitled ‘Light or Dark’ on Facebook, writing “I prefer walking alone in the light until I meet a friend, but I will not stay in the dark, just to avoid to be alone!”27 july 2015

In full agreement with her sentiments, I know full well that being alone has nothing to do with loneliness, the lethal epidemic that is cutting down so many. Continue reading Light and Dark II: Relational Round-Abouts, Caves and Dead-Ends

The Power of Freedom

requiemMy awakening and freedom came in three experiences of dying, events that cremated every imaginable fear, most notably the fear of death. While living isn’t always easy, the good news is that the Love I discovered in dying lifts my heart and lightens my thoughts and inpowers my spirit whenever I let it! In love’s timeless embrace the truest miracle happens –I don’t have to do life the hard way!

For 28-very incredible years it’s been my honour to work with an amazing team as we’ve unfolded the knowledge called the Mereon Matrix, the arcing angles that clearly define the invisible threshold that connects living this lifetime and the next. Knowing that death isn’t real after being pulled back into life against my will, was what let let me say ‘Yes’ when given a choice to return or stay. I freely admit that it wasn’t an easy decision. However, my agreement to return came with a caveat: the Universe had to cooperate! My intent was and remains to live wholly and fully through the understanding of how life and death, and science and spirit are interconnected; my passion and purpose to make this, the Logic of Love, known by co-creating experiences of realationships.

Incredibly, this complex Matrix has indeed revealed precisely such a simple Understanding! Its found in the ultimate Love Knot, the rainbow tied by the arcing angles of fire and water. Are you ready to Dance through space and time knowing that a common Source inpowers every cell of every being? This connection is true and when we open our hearts, attitudes and hands it lights every step and intersection on our path.

Imagine that the Universe –what ever you consider Divine, Goddess, God, GoddEssence, or an angel– spoke, appeared and offered you the Cosmic Key to Freedom. Ask yourself the following questions then pause to think carefully about your responses before reading on;

Would you accept this Key if it was crystal clear that doing so required you to free yourself from every form of physical bondage? Would you say “Yes” to releasing your heart from fear? Could you live if doubt was banished from every thought and attitude? Would you have the courage to fly if the wings of your spirit were unclipped?

If you want to know more connect by email, or better yet, join us in Tel Aviv next week! While we can also gather information by following the blog, remember that true learning comes through experience!

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