Birdsong, Ah ha’s, and Java Juice

_IGP4819 (1)Waking up at 05.32 in the morning while dealing with 10-hours of time change has brought me closer than ever with the sounds and Song of the Universe. The reason is the bird song starts an hour before the sunrise as these winged creature welcome a new day. Continue reading Birdsong, Ah ha’s, and Java Juice

A Meta Beyond Metaphor


world in a love knot webMeta: “after”, “beside”, “with”, “among”, “beyond”, “adjacent” and “self”

Metaphor: a figure of speech where a word or phrase is applied to an object or action to which it is not literally applicable

Every day brings a reminder that breathing, an autonomic function, is the Universe offering us another opportunity to welcome ourselves to our lives. Meditation is important to my life, and pausing to take mini-breaks, conscious breaths, over the course of a day is my way to more fully experience life and express gratitude to the Source of creation. Doing so instantly focuses me and in that moment I come to appreciate her willingness to cooperate as I live and evolve on this grand adventure.

The universal Love Knot tied by the Mereon Matrix is more than a metaphor. It is validated as a ‘Meta’, a universal description that charts the emergence of matter and the growth of a living or life-like system. (You are a living system; your relationships are ‘life-like systems.) This simple Pattern has long been my True North and my terrestrial compass but I’m the first to admit that simple in no way means easy. Every challenge arises in my humanness; when in forgetfulness or choosing to ignore leads to my eyes, heart, brain or hands closing. Small wonder that my feet are suddenly stuck. When this happens I too often forget, ignore, or become insensitive, and failing to pay attention forget what I know; that there comes a time when the best thing to do is sit down and shut up.

Lately I’ve been paying attention to the ‘normalized’ triggers that lead to the reactions that only do one thing: get me in trouble. Frankly, I’m pretty weary of the pain that lets me realize that I’ve lost the sense of dynamic balance that lets me hit the only mark worth targeting, love. When responsive, responding to the best of my ability –my response-ability– my eyes, heart, attitudes and spirit are open, and where she leads is inevitably to a truly amazing place.

Today my intent is to remember that living wholly and fully is a consequence of my willingness to remember and allow myself to flow with the arc of grace that eternally carves and clears the narrow middle path.

Evolving 1, home of the Mereon Matrix, the logic beneath every word shared on this site and the education programme, the BeLonging Projects, is currently undergoing radical transformation, evolving as every sustainable system must!

If you’ve not yet experienced the awe that comes from watching as the inaudible becomes spectacularly visible, please accept our invitation and click on this link for a 1 minute 42 second meditation experience that you will want to repeat!  And do come back and share your thoughts and feelings!

Enjoy the weekend!

My La Verna Journey

poppi to lavernaLooking from Poppi towards Mt. Penna, La Verna, Italy

While it will take a long while to write of the many insights that arose during my time at La Verna, what follows are first thoughts…

Arriving after a long-day’s journey, travelling from Switzerland to Milan, on to Firenze and into Arezzo where I caught the local for Bibbiena, my wonderful friend/driver Marco picked me up and we headed east toward the mountains. Around the first corner, he pointed up and said, “La Verna”. Instantly reminded of Yosemite’s Half Dome, where the Mariposa stone is hard Continue reading My La Verna Journey