Please join us for the first “REALationship Dialogues”

open heart2

On Sunday, September 7, we’re going initiate a series of Sunday morning dialogues using the Mereon Matrix to explore new ways to grow healthy relationships. We’re asking people to register by simply filling out a form you can find here. We’d also like to have you share a question that you’d like to have be the topic of the hour. We’ll be doing this with video, so you can see us do the ‘draw’!

Note: I will be posting the questions as you ask them!

And please, if you haven’t visited in a while (or ever) do stop by. Yes, we know it’s an information black hole in many ways, but it’s still well worth exploring especially as it will be going through major transformation in the coming months. While we’ll do our best to keep the URL archive intact, we all know how the best of intentions sometimes grow/go!

Lynnclaire and Lou’s InnerView/Interview with Eldon Taylor

blog august 5 2014 eldon taylor interviewTo listen to Lynnclaire and Lou’s interview with Eldon Taylor, click here!

However, before listening, please read this post that was written immediately after the interview.

In response to those who have asked if was I using notes or if Lou and I knew ahead of time what Eldon was going to ask:

Eldon, like most interviewers, did ask us to provide information, bios, meaningful music and to suggest a few questions. The Interview in no way followed those questions! As for notes; no. In agreeing to an interview the only thing an interviewee can do is to be open, honest and say what ‘is’. There is no way to know what the interviewer’s intention really is, so once you go live the only way to engage is with an open-heart and mind, responding with truth and compassion to generate understanding in the moment.

Our thanks again to Eldon for a powerful dialogue!

Toll Free (North America Only) Number to call Provocative Radio

1280px-Ericsson_1939Listeners in North American can call in to participate in the radio interview with Lynnclaire, Lou and Eldon! The Toll-free number is: 1-877-230-3062

What in your life is worth living for?


An excerpt from “Discovering Your Youniverse and Living Plan Be”

“That which is ‘sacred’ is profoundly personal. It is a dynamic principle seeded in values that you’re willing to live for. It underscores and guides compassionate responses and actions that are globally realised as ‘good’. It is the heart of experiences that foster harmony in the same way that ‘timeless’ music carries the subtle tones echoing a ‘divine’ resonance. Because the Mereon Matrix unites space and time and all forms of matter, we advocate that if anything is considered sacred then everything is sacred.” 

This link leads to a spectacular video that calls us into remembrance. However, it is imperative that with every breath we recall that ONLY we when we are healthy, taking self-care, can we help those closest to us. It is then up to us to come together and participate to heal our local community. Then, and only then as equal members of a global community can we restore health to our remarkable home. 

Too many have suffered and died on the cross of another’s greed.

The task of healing Mother Earth is achievable ONLY if we know and clearly articulate the values that are worth living for.