Courageous Reflection for Transformation

22 october 2014 blog


My current reality reflected ‘wearing’ a 12th Century Franciscan habit

La Verna, Italy, September 2014

Humanity’s only chance for survival depends on you taking this moment
to decide to make your voice and every choice a conscious habit.

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Early Tuesday morning, I woke up sure that someone was shining a light in my eyes. Groggily sitting up to see what was going on, what I beheld out the open window took my breath away and gave it back! The September supermoon seems to be centred in the Swiss flag and the green reflective sphere below is in every image!

For me this was just more of the magic of being in Thun, attuned with all that is!

Thinking about love and courage…

IMGP9464Let me tell you, I sooooo wanted to rescue the bear in the red vest!

It’s grand, nourishing and healing ‘food for thought’ to reflect on the root of the word ‘courage’. For me its fullest meaning is ‘to breath into, expand and live from the heart.’ Doing so requires radical trust, and for me the hardest part is then insisting and permitting the brain to connect the dots and stabilise my thoughts as I move closer towards establishing my priorities. Failure to do this leads to broken promises and unnecessary compromise. Twenty-eight years of living from the heart and in radical trust has led to an understanding that when I ‘insure’ that my spirit is aligned with what is truly noble, global ethics, others are honoured in the actions, words and deed, that flow from every decision I make.

Have a great Monday!