Renewing the Old to Rebuild Anew

4.6.2015 blogLooking back outside the Old City of Jerusalem….

There is no possible way to begin to communicate the myriad of experiences that defined Jerusalem yesterday… The journey from Tel Aviv was ‘a trip’ to remember… walking through a modern mall outside the old City was something else… entering the Jaffa Gate was more emotional than one might anticipate… being welcomed by a harpist playing on the street was magical… walking on streets paved with golden stones, some old, some new, required paying attention to every step…

Pesach (Passover) was spent with a well-known Breslov musician and his family in Tel Aviv. When Eliezer heard that we were going to Jerusalem Sunday he shared that he and his colleague Alex were performing at a special event and invited us to join them. While the depth of the experiences there will take time to process, there are no words to describe my feelings and thoughts when they dedicated a song to me, and talked with the group about the reunion of science and spirit, then singing “Return Again” in both Hebrew and English.

This experience, shared with dearest friends was just the beginning of the day… and then came Francoise… a reunion that opened and unfolded but shall have to remain a story to be shared another day…

However, the image above provided me with a way to express my link with Eliezer and Francoise! Like the connections we are privileged to remember and renew, it’s a small section of a very large building that was taken apart stone-by-stone and rebuilt piece-by-piece in a new time and space. It remains a powerful reminder of how energy can neither be created or destroyed; that what ‘Is’ always ‘Is’, the energy in every atom reassembled time and again since the birth of Creation.

So it is that as I walk today’s path my clearest intent is to breathe every breath wholly and fully remembering again that living and dying are merely how we partake and participate in the Universe’s recycling system!

Joy to you!

22 December 2014

22 dec 2014 blogOnly days before 2014 slips into the abyss… How can it be?

As things speed up what’s important for most is that there are only two more sleeps until Christmas. The thought of the insanity behind it all makes me more than a bit Scroogey and the biggest part of me just wants to nod off into a deep dreaming sleep and wake up when it’s over. The naming of the day, Christos Mass, the Celebration of Light, not one person’s last name remains lost, as usual, under the dog pile of stress, shoppers running the maze in the malls and traffic jams that defy any definition of spiritual or sanity. Am I alone in noticing that there isn’t a ‘Buddhamas’, a day where most of the world stays home and eats and drinks too much tea?

So it is that I remain at home, spending my time doing what I want and love; thinking of family and friends near and far; imagining and plotting for how to make the world a better place in the future; cooking up a love storm for those I love; curling up in a corner of the sofa wrapped in a the yummy pashmina sent by a friend, alas snuggled only with my cat as we watch a DVD to avoid the sappy sentiments that dumb the brain and numb the heart on the boob-tube, aka, television. Winter walking in blue skies sends me into open bliss as I observe the vulnerability of life naked and wide open. This season, time not limited to any calendar, reminds me that transparency, allowing those we trust to see who we are, tightens and secures true bonds as the inner juices slow and the spirit cocoons until like the trees, we bloom again come spring, whenever it may be.

The 1st Step of Renewal

The Mereon Legacy CIC’s new education website for The BeLonging Projects is live! Please take the time to visit, to learn more and see how you can participate in making a positive difference in the lives of the Children who will soon inherit the future!

announcing new belonging