Glowing with the Flow

pool of lightMonths of travel, covering thousands of kilometers by air, and hundreds more by train and car, is a soul refining opportunity. Now able to be still for a few days, finds my heart and spirit overflowing with gratitude for a remarkable stream of ‘reunions’ with open-hearted individuals who are committed to using their talents to make positive differences in the world we are so privileged to share.

We receive gifts and leave ‘pieces’ of ourselves wherever we go, our intent imprinting on all we touch.

Be gentle with yourself, and others.

Homeward Bound

Diversity is the only product of unity.
Peace is the dynamic by-product of U
nity’s ultimate expression, Love.
Compassion in action is the pulse of
that flow from genuine understanding.
heading home“Non-violence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our being.” –Mahatma Gandhi

Eight days in the Deep South and seeing a post on Martin Luther King that had the Gandhi quote on non-violence shared above, it seems worth taking a few minutes to share a couple of events and my overall experience here. In a few hours I’ll be checking out of the lovely Hilton Double Tree that our corporate travel agent booked me into for the final days of a great trip.

First, Southern Hospitality is far more than a concept; it’s a true experience! Everything I’ve ever heard or read about it has been demonstrated from the first person to the last. The first understanding of this came several hours after I arrived, hit with the realisation that I was thoroughly lost, the consequence of driving far longer and later than I should have. Going inside a petrol station to get directions, I asked the young man behind the counter if he could please help, and let me tell you, if we could bottle the “Yes ma’am”’s and use it for fuel, we’d end the fossil fuel crisis right now. Putting the map on the counter in front of us, he asked me to find ‘White Horse’. Not sure what was happening, I said “Let’s see if I can get my eyes to focus. I’m a bit too tired.” Looking at the small map out, he apologized and my heart broke when he said “I only learnt to read numbers.” From deep down came the words, “You know what, I love numbers. I work in mathematics and numbers are the universal language. Tell you what, you’re a lot smarter than you think you are.” The smile on his face and the light in his eyes lit the entire room, and my heart as he then wrote down every road number I needed to turn on to get to where I was going! Two bikers, obviously friends of his, opened both doors for me as I left, saying “Thank you ‘ma’am..”

The experience remains a clear reminder why education –the BeLonging Projects– is the soul reason that focuses my heart and brain, the BeLonging Projects the true purpose behind the ‘why’ of this trip.

Now, for those who need some food for thought, and a laugh…

Returning to Atlanta on Friday, Saturday was spent running a few errands, and I have to say that I’m still processing these few hours. While my hotel is lovely, it soon became clear that I’m the visible minority in the neighbourhood. In the two hours that I was alone and on the loose, I was the only white person I saw. My first stop, to fill the gas tank, required me to walk past a dishevelled man who was sitting on the curb at the entrance to the shop. When he asked for a dollar, I said “No, but I’ll take you over to Chick-a-filet and have lunch with you if you’re hungry on the condition that you tell me your story.” He immediately agreed. Oh my goodness… His story will take days to process, and tragically, it’s genesis was also in the failure of the education system.

The next stop was to a nearby Macy’s where the intent was to buy two new bras. Finding the lingerie department, I asked the woman for my brand, and after looking me up and down she asked, “Honey, do you know where you be?”

Laughing I said, “Well, when the plane landed the pilot said “Welcomed to Atlanta.”

She laughed and said “Sister, you are the first colour blind white girl I ever did meet. You ain’t gonna find nothing to fit you in this store, so here’s what I want you to do; get in yer car and get back to yer hotel and be safe. You can find underwear wherever you live. And remember, Jesus love you sweetie.”

Co-creating a World beyond Hope

rainbowWith deep gratitude and special thanks to:
Natalie; Moshe; Tamir and Maya and their beautiful children;
Eliezer and Noa and their gorgeous tribe; Francoise; Shlomi & Einat;
my teacher Issac, his wife, Dvorah & their family; Miriam & Aaron; Alon;
Miriam & David; Oren & Rinata; Dan; and the countless others
who made every breath on this journey magical!

Because today is my final day in Israel, a 2+ month adventure coming to an end with a return already planned, so it is that even as another begins, yesterday morning I promised myself to write and post the Dia.BLOG.ue at midnight in order to have the freedom to focus my remaining hours with my family of the heart. After celebrating an amazing 5-hour dialogue and a delicious dinner with friends as we found and followed “the red thread” that links the ancient mysteries left by Abraham, Kabbalistic knowledge, and modern science, I returned to my home-away-from-home —Toda robah Eliran and Dafne— where I sat down to pause and reflect on what my heart wanted to share.

molokini to mauiInstantly, I found myself time travelling to the spring of 1996 and the island of Maui! Without missing a beat, my heart skipped and jumped for joy as I stood on the beach front lanai where I spent two months writing my first book, this sojourn the generous gift of a friend. The brine of the sea was overwhelming, was as real as the breeze touching my face as I gazed across Maui’s sandy beaches towards the crescent island of Molokini where countless days were spent snorkelling and diving with my Dad. As my inner eyes looked to the left, time slipped and Makena Bay came into view and images came to mind reminding me of the summer day in 1977 when we scattered his ashes in the sea.

Without returning to the present, I remembered sitting at the desk and knowing why the word MUSIC was the only word in my manuscript with all capital letters; it was because this the strongest sense felt in my dance with the arcing angles of death. It surprised a lot of people, all of whom expected the emphasised word to be ‘Love’. This was certainly understandable given that since 1987 my Purpose was and remains to ‘remember, understand and be loving’ this the heart of the message and the method.Then and now MUSIC is the clearest expression of the logic of Love for me,  and when I feel it in as few as three notes friends will tell you that tears often well up from an unimaginable depth as remembering leads to a longing that causes my heart to overflow.

world in a love knot(1)These images are multiple perspectives of one dynamic, The Mereon love knot, are so much more than a metaphor for the harmonic unity that I experienced in death. They hint at the power Source that frees me to do my utmost to co-create harmony in this and every moment. (This knotted path is the scientific knowledge that colleagues and I presented to the world in the book ‘The Mereon Matrix: Unity, Perspective and Paradox’, where the cover art is a snapshot of the dynamic that only hints at its complexity.) Having no beginning and no end, every ending embedded in a restart, this link connects all forms with in the matrix. So too, it is the covenant that bonds each one of us to one another. We are formed of stardust and joined by the movement of invisible forces, angles —geometry— that rotate, spin, spiral so that we can infinitely expand to fill empty space. Just like the rainbows we see in the sky, this optical and meteorological knotted spherical phenomenon is magic, produced by the reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets. This beauty continuously fills me with awe, doing so in the same way that finding a rainbow bridging heaven with Earth does! Better still, is when grace flows and I hear, feel and see the harmony that moves when I love myself and the overflow opens me to allow another in. This is when the melody becomes clear and the spectrum of light bridges two souls across infinite distance in time and space, illumining the gold within the heart of both.

This thought dropped me back into the present moment where I was reminded once again how it is that when we free ourselves we’re able to grow faster than we ever imagined. Think about and the reason becomes clear; travelling the arc is a far shorter journey than transiting the angle! So it is that When we get out of our own way, energy flows and we fly in an arc of grace as divine connection joins us with all that Is —the passed (not one of us has flunked or failed our past), the present moment, and the future. Miracles arise in remembering that we, humanity and all creation, are One Family, everything w-holy united within the flow of Eternity. While remembering this comes with elegant ease, making what is true real in our world is certainly not always easy, this something I’ve learned in every ‘world’ I’ve walked and laid my head. It was after 01.30 when I finally went to to post these thoughts, and while my intent was good, the cosmic jokesters apparently wanted me to sleep on it because our website was temporarily down for technical maintenance!

So it is that as I prepare to post these thoughts and do what must be done in this morning light, pack my bags and prepare to take flight once again, let me say that I may not be able to find or make time to write in the next few days as I’ll be riding the rainbow, bridging the 1,650 kilometers (2,655 miles) between Tel Aviv and Milan as I make my way home to new ‘nest’ in Minusio [Locarno], Switzerland. While I’m at 37,000 feet, walking Lago Maggiore with my friend Urs for a couple of days, and flying to Denmark for a week of parties and packing, I invite you to feel the Rainbows that connect your body, heart, brain and spirit. Allow the truth, beauty and feather-like light of nothingness to fill any hole you may have in the fabric of your life, and use it as a balm to heal every emotional paper cut. As you allow it to bridge every gap in your heart, then permit it to fill any mental crevasse you come to. Believe me, I do so often, taking my own medicine my daily prescription. Living in the flow of infinite ease is in no way to be confused with easy, but let me assure you that doing so lifts unimaginable emotional burdens, and moves the biggest mental boulders that obstruct my path. What’s as amazing is how every time I face the rainbow, not the light, the lights in my inner world come up to full wattage.

Remember that when we bring our tears into the light of day, they too are filled with rainbows. Don’t hide your sorrow, for when others see these droplets, their world opens with and together we can harness the power of such moments, harnessing rainbows as the Divine fills the gaps with stardust. As our hearts refill, new thoughts and songs arise, and they are the wind that sends our spirit soaring. This morning it is with joy that I recall that every breath is an opportunity to live wholly and fully as I heal, growing through the muck and mire as I get over my story, both the physical detritus and the emotional remnants that remain after one of life’s stormy moments.

Today I will harness the courage to capture rainbows. Will you? With every conscious breath I will renew my commitment to cultivate understanding, and invite you to join me as I renew what is my most solemn vow; to laugh long and often and let my attitudes, tones and actions be filled with loving.

If you are ready to live a life without compromise, make a promise and seal it with a rainbow and you will begin to live and grow deep in the flow of the Love Knot.

Thank you so much for following and participating in this dialogue. I am deeply grateful for your passing it on to friends and family you feel will find it meaningful.

P.S. And  as my apologies for the typos and spelling errors that always seem be found after posting no matter how many times I ‘proof’ my thoughts! More than one friend has generously offered to proof for me, but time zone differences make this all but impossible 🙂

Time, Travel and Transformation

sunset in jerusalemSunset in Jerusalem

As hard as it is to believe, my long journey across Israel is fast coming to an end, even though my return in already embedded in the current ending. As we celebrate final dinners and I pack my bags in preparation to fly to Milan, and train from there to Locarno for four days before flying to Denmark –to see if my cat will still talk to me–. The 24th I will fly south once more, and while I’d planned to keep my feet on the ground for the summer, another ‘bounce’ was added to my itinerary yesterday, a return to California. The reason is a joyous one I can assure you, and I’ll update more about that later, but the lesson is once again a reminder that announcing plans is a surefire way to make the Universe Laugh! Remaining open and in the flow is the only way I know to grow, and it’s also what’s necessary on our part for the divine to do what she wants to do; cooperate in making love known!

There is no time to write about the magical journey that evolved during the trip north to Tzfat and the return to Tel Aviv, so I hope for now the pictures will serve as reminders of what a beautiful planet we are privileged to call home.

Mt MeronThe view of Mt. Meron from the home of friends

tzfat old cityThe Old City of Tzfat in the North

renovationsRenovation of a 16th Century village by Livnot ulehibanot

david friedmanAnd the magical art of David Friedman!

Love yourselves, one another and Gaia well today!