Where? The BeLonging Projects!

??????????“The illiterate of the 21st centurywill not be those who cannot read & write, but those who cannot unlearn and relearn.”

Alvin Toffler

Two days into the transition from Israel to California, the first miracle is that I have virtually no jetlag and made the 10-hour time change instantly! However, after five-weeks in Tel Aviv, there is a very strange unwinding in my body but its unimaginably more challenging to accept what’s happening in my emotional and recognitive realities. What I’m realising is the almost unimaginable toll that comes with living in a nation state that’s constantly under threat from those outside its borders, and worse is living with the tension of being a divided land.

Listening to politicians and people on the street toss verbal sticks and stones is bruising my heart as heavy clouds attempt to darken my heart. Only knowing what I know, working with others who are open-hearted, open-minded, and serve with loving hands, and meeting others who get what the last 28-years of my life –and the rest of my life– are all about, is what keeps my head high enough to see the rainbow.

It’s time to understand that children who don’t really understand ‘the game’ of “I’m right, You’re wrong”, or “Us vs Them”. No parent or teacher can make sense or explain to a child what the politicians are up to.

Keeping my promise to return in two weeks is not an option, and I am begging for those who realise how privileged they are to live in a world without the daily threat of real war to help. It’s time for those who can to step up and become those who will , coming together to make a positive difference, living lives that display courage and a true reverence for life. We will soon announce the Director of the BeLonging Projects in Israel, and if you want to honour diversity and help teachers, kids and parents celebrate Unity, please donate to this amazing project. Raising a generation of adults who respect themselves and others is the key to the equality that is essential to genuine freedom. This project is an experience whereby kids discover that the assumption of unity without diversity is fabricated, and utterly fails. It’s about children learning to uphold noble principles and values that include the right to health and well-being, transparency, compassion, fairness and integrity.

Imagine the future with this and the next generation embodying these traits…

Imagine ‘Thought leaders’ understanding that living requires the constant renewal of the foundation that is essential to re-establish connections and keep communication clear…

The Mereon Matrix is showing us how to rebuild our lives and our relationships in order to harmonise our actions with the harmony implicit in Nature herself. The BeLonging Projects give children the experience of self-discovery and learning new ways to live with one another and on the planet. This programme helps empower the Future by lifting teachers, kids and parents to a new perspective, this, the only place from which they can clearly see the way forward, and then walk together to open Age of Transformation.

Thank you so much for passing these thoughts on and doing whatever you can do to help.


At the Heart of The BeLonging Project is true knowledge,
wisdom that makes it far more than a programme for teachers and kids…
it’s about learning to live wholly and fully and co-creating loving relationships;
it’s about building sustainable businesses and more!

Please take a few moments to visit http://mereon.org

And coming soon: MEREON SOLUTIONS!

A Truce is not the way to True

AUM eggThis DiaBLOGue is longer than normal even though I’m supposed to be taking time off. It’s important to expand on some points that Lisa Maroski and I talked about yesterday regarding paradox, and how the Mereon Matrix allows us to identify and resolve ‘either/or’ thinking.

(Please forgive the constant revisioning…)

We live in a universe that was birthed in paradox, and learning to inhabit and cohabit a ‘Both/And’ world is critical to enduring and evolving as a species. Finding Paradise in Paradox opens our eyes to illusions and brings an end to jumping to conclusions that cause us to make life or death decisions that are based on delusions. The ability to make such resolutions can mend broken hearts, heal spirits that have been beaten black and blue, and lead to the evolution of humankind and the conservation of our natural resources.

Contradictions in social discourse are opportunities to engage in a mutual search for understanding. Because unity occurs through diversity, it’s time for us to comprehend that difference is unity’s only product. Without honouring distinction we cannot celebrate our sameness and thus adversity becomes a predictable and perhaps even a premeditated certainty.

What we hear, sense, feel or otherwise observe internally or externally may appear to be equally real and true. However, there is no single perspective that we can afford to confuse with ‘The Truth’ or ‘Reality’. As I shared in the interview, we are blessed and sometimes feel vexed by our concurrent realities. Too often, the perception of contradiction leads to a serious misinterpretation. Without resolution, breakdowns occur and when communication goes sideways, conflict often ensues. A temporal truce is insufficient to resolve struggles that are based upon tangible and long-term differences. Resolution requires that all involved parties come together, not to defend, justify, rationalise or explain their position but to agree to identify a single point that is mutually true. A breakthrough in communication occurs when a single point of ‘not different’ is found, and it is this connection that permits the beginning of true transformation.

Last night I offered a thought experiment using a triangle turning inside a circle. The purpose was to catalyse rethinking about the dynamics of perspective. Consider these illustrations and the ‘=’ signs that make it clear that the 3 images are the identical.

triangle 1

Like a coin, the 1st is standing on edge facing you; the 2nd is face down on a surface, and the 3rd is the 1st turned 90° making it appear as a line instead of the planar form we know it ‘is’. And while it can absolutely move, its motion is limited. Imagine this triangle spinning and you can see that it indeed define the circle. Stand it on a point and spin it and you can visualise spherical coordinates. However, the minute it stops the illusion that it’s more than 2D ends.

Next, lets introduce the triangle as a whole part of something ‘greater’; in this instance, it’s the dynamic structure that R. Buckminster Fuller called the ‘Jitterbug’.

Ch 2 Figure  16 The Dynamics of Fullers Jitterbug

You can see that it is one of many other equal ‘parts’ in a complex 3-dimensional form that moves in Time, a 4th dimension. Because it has a rotational axis, an equatorial plane is defined that takes equal to a new level, one that is real and true.
Notice the six red concentric rings that highlight this plane. When the Jitterbug goes into motion, these images illustrate that the sphere on the vertex at the Y axis splits into two with one vertex rotating in the plane towards the X axis. Following this vertex sphere, it moves in one direction in the plane represented by the six red rings, each triangle rotating 90°. But what happens if we start with the Jitterbug in the open position and this time we focus on the rotational axis that’s in the centre of the triangle? Look carefully at the images below:

triangle 2

In the image on the left, the Jitterbug is open and we see our triangle standing alone save the vertex to vertex connection to three other equal triangles. Then, in the image on the right the triangle is bound at every edge with those same three ‘others’. Having seen how every triangle rotates 90° in the equatorial plane, what happens when we change our perspective and look at the rotation from of the face of the triangle. It’s moving 120°. Nothing has changed. Both are physically real, actually happen and occur simultaneously. The only difference is a change in perspective.

Click here to see an animation of this motion!

The real lesson in this illustration comes when we are willing to ask and answer the following:

  • Have you ever believed something to be ‘the truth’ only to have it eventually prove to be false?
  • What did it cost you?
  • How often does something appear to be a contradiction or impossible when a change in perspective would have allowed you to see it for what it really was?
  • How often has holding on to your position led to a relational breakdown?
  • Has hammering a point in a need to be right ever cracked or broken a relationship?
  • Have you ever bought into a belief that proved to be false? What failed as a result?
  • When has investing into the illusion of control ever led to a positive return?

Why We must end “The Why’ning”

Yes, tragically this image is the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the City of Light and Love. It serves as a reminder that we must not be too fast on our feet to point fingers and lay blame or shame others for the environmental problems we face today.Image

The Elevator Pitch

“Why me?”, “What’s in it for me?” and “Why should I care?” are the new existential questions. The complexity of the Mereon Matrix and the simple Pattern it ties, opens the way to innovation through the principles of cooperation and the practice of co-creation. The facts make it abundantly clear that the state of the world provides you with multiple reasons to care. The sum of these adds up to “Do or Die”. This process provides us with a logical way to meaningfully explore possibilities, using the Mereon Trefoil knot to ask, “What if…?” and “Why (k)not?”

The Real Story

In human civilisation the Hunting Age led to an Era of Agriculture that catalysed an Epoch of Industrialisation. Today, immature humans teeter on the threshold of the Information Age, yet our behaviour has brought us to the next stage of human evolution; Transformation. We either wake up, wise-up and step into the new or we die.

The Tipping Point we face today is the catalyst for a Turning Point. The first waves of change that wiped out Middle Class were only the beginning. A tsunami of change fast approaches. It’s time that those with the power to implement change, harness the courage and will to do so. Survival requires answering old questions in a fundamentally new way.

The Mereon Matrix is our name for a process of exploration. It is also the name of the context in which we are exploring.It gives a rigorous, logical and meaningful way to comprehend the mysteries and metaphors that are at the heart of creation. As such it reveals a powerful way to consider how all things are related and lets us explore our inner and interconnections. As a ‘Technology of Mindfulness’, the simple process that it weaves permits us to open, learn and grow through direct experience that is unfettered by preconceptions and prejudice.

The Mereon Matrix is not The Answer. It is a powerful means for identifing the issues; asking the relevant questions; and then formulating best answers! Twelve fundamental principles sequentially and simply connect all possible realities to underscore the 7-steps that link local possibilities with global potential. To step off the razors edge we must come together and in our diversity identify the noble shared values that support a sustainable life. It requires dialogue to connect multiple points before acting. This unifying process establishes a Pattern that connects and insures that all critical tasks are accomplished in time. Universal, it honours the diversity in our unique physical, emotional, mental, spatial, temporal and spiritual realities.

The Mereon Matrix provides the necessary links to reconnect hearts and minds, and reveals why and how it is critical to establish strong and meaningful relationships with one another. Applications require learning, unlearning and relearning. We are only at the beginning of applying these principles to education, personal development and business. Current avenues of investigation enfold general systems, cymatics, geometry, and deep connections with natural science and technologies that must be explored.

By connecting our passed, our present and our future today, the Mereon Matrix provides us with a clear, simple and logical process that enables us to make genuine progress.  It requires empowering competent teams, individuals who know how and are willing to cooperate, innovate and act responsibly. The knowledge inherent within the Mereon Matrix lets us do this and respond in time.

All of these reasons combine into Transformation as a single Cause about which all of us must care. Today, as political, business and economic changes continue to accelerate, regions and nations are affected in ways that erode walls and erase false borders.

We understand that this task is not the work of one person or any single group. The intent of The Mereon Legacy CIC, a non-profit organisation, is to assist individuals in learning how to come together as cohesive groups that are committed to transformation and able to respond.

With courage, we are standing in the question as we open you to the Mereon Matrix as a way to help understand and resolve both personal and world problems. In this we need
help. While we have a ‘how’ we do not claim that we know the way, for this is something every group of innovators must discover on their own.

In our opening we invite your participation as part of what is an inclusive exploration. Our competences are academic and scientific as relates to matters of investigation and research. In this, a marriage of science, spirit and art, all belong. Contributions of talent, time and economic assistance are welcome as it is time to fill out our own team!

Please send us an email to let us know how you can help!